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  1. DSKtim

    Can someone from DC Power Contact ME!!!!

    Ironic statement
  2. DSKtim

    First place in todays comp

    ty sir
  3. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    what a sad situation i hope troy wakes up and does the right thing here he had a good business going but he is throwing it down the drain
  4. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    way to make your self look like a fucktard once agian. Im not trying to ruin a companies rep if you read my above post you will see that i said nothing negative about troy and said i would use him agian. i waited 8 months becouse i wanted troys bracket its well made and even his shitty proto type will probaly look better then the one i will cut. as long as someone has my money after there has been reasonable time and i have no product i have the right to post 200 times a day untill it is resolved. Stupid fucks like you are going to piss evreyone off and nothing is going to get settled so please continue to make your self look like a idiot and post in a thead that you dont be long in.
  5. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    Ok as I waited the longest i will speak on this first off I was issued my refund almost instantly when I asked for it. Troy has maintained excellent communication and offered me a refund sevral times thru out the 7-8 months that he had my money and I waited. The issue was I was continually told 2 week 2 more weeks 2 more weeks after this became the standard answer that you received you begin to lose faith and trust. I told Troy I would still do business with him in the future but he will have to show me a product before I will send him money it's not a personal issue. TeamRamRod I'm not sure why you feel you need to speak on a issue that you know nothing about. How about you buy something from me that only I sell and I tell you I will have it at your door in two weeks then 7-8 months later I still tell you it will be 2 more weeks I hope you can comprehend that let down. Please go post in another thread and stay out of this one. BanginGmc fuck off as you have no reason to be in here no one is bitching like infants only you swinging from another vendors nuts if you don't like the post in this thread stay out of it. As far as building my own bracket I did 4 hours later I had the plans and on my next day off I will cut the bracket I just wanted Troy's bracket because it is a nice looking well built bracket .
  6. DSKtim

    So you guys thinks it's true.....?

    the mic is like 6 inches from the port anywhere you put it lol so yeah i think its possible
  7. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    I talked to troy and i asked for a refund he told me I will be refunded tommorow
  8. DSKtim

    random flex and woofer porn

    i guess i need to change my sig lol
  9. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    Troy i hope you are reading this
  10. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    troy i need a update this is way out of hand. If you have a template how hard is it to find a shop to cut the pattern and weld some spacers on the side of it? At this point IDC if my bracket is 100% clean cut i just need it finished if you cant have it in the mail by the end of this week FRIDAY MAY 13th then i want a instant refund
  11. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    Troy give us something
  12. DSKtim

    It's been since January..... NOTHING

    troy man give us somthing some sort of update