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  1. puffah

    My RLS Experience - long & summarized

    I have 2 rls12 and I am looking for a ported enclosure design. Nikuk you said you had it in 6 cubic feet. Thats the size I have for both of my boxes. Can you explain the size and length of the port you had it in. Was it a slot port? If I wanted to use percision ports ? How many and what size and length. https://www.parts-express.com/brand/precision-sound/285 Would you suggest the ported over the sealed box with this driver? thanks for your time and advice nathan
  2. puffah

    Soundsplinter Rl-s 12

    im new to this site how do I find M5 on here I did a search and got thing? thanks nathan
  3. puffah

    Soundsplinter Rl-s 12

    Yes home audio. 2.2 dj living room set up. So you are saying just build the biggest box sealed that will fit the area I have to fit. Do you know what would be the optimum ported enclosure for this driver??
  4. puffah

    Soundsplinter Rl-s 12

    mrray13 I was hoping you could help me out. I have 2 sound splinter RLS 12's and I need to build a box. I have 2 EAW la215 that I am running in my living room as my left and right channel. Im a bit of a record nerd. So my system is 2 turntables and crest amps. So I have a space that would work great for the subs. Its about 5 cubic feet per box I could go smaller if need be but thats about my max in size. Now the question is should I go sealed or should I go ported. I listen to a lot of classic dance music. Disco rare funk, electro, afro jazz. I always kind of lean torwards ported boxes. Do you think I sould just build two seprate boxes that are 5 cubic feet and then port them if I dont like the way they sound? From what I know this driver loves big boes. The bigger the better. What do you think I should build?? thansk for any help you can give me on these drivers.
  5. puffah

    Pics of the BIGGEST ZED AMP MADE. . . . . . . . . . .

    wow you guys are a bunch of idiots. OK so whats the deal with the PA4300. NO it was not made by ZED first off. It was made by hohmann. He made all the orginal series earthquake. The pa 4300 was not release until the very end of the first series and the second series. Same heat sinks just differnt anodising and labeling. After this earthquakes amps took a noise dive if you ask me. The 1st and 2nd series were pretty much knock offs of the series vii hifonics. I had both of them over my life. PILES of hifonics V, VII, VIII and series 1 and 2 earthquake. Anyways the pa4300 was basically 2 pa2300 in 1 case with a electronic x over and o gauge power inputs. I also used to run just the pa2300 which were basically a cheaper version of a zues. Only cheaper in price not quality. They were also easier to get through distribution. I still have a pa4300 against my wall in my bedroom. So Whats the hype on the amp. Ok here is my best way to explain it to all of you new school class D heads. This amp was 380 watts by 4 @ 4 ohm. It was one of the largest class A/B amplifiers ever built. There were not many made either. Only about 4 or 5 turn up a year on e bay and they still sell for 1000 bucks. Just like a series vII colossis. To the guy who was trying to argue about hearing distortion in a sub. Guess what you sure as hell can idiot. the earthquakes run at .05 total harmonic distortion. Thats 1/2 of 100 percent THD you understand this right??? your clas d's run at 1 percent thd!!!! Now if your saying you cant here it on a sub your f-ennn nuts. First off you have to understand audio as a whole and the time frames when this gear was running and on what? Thats why you dont understand what this amp is or how to use it. See we didnt have huge magnet multi voice coil subs back then. We had lower wattage subs that were very accurate. More like high end home audio gear. Car gear as a whole was very much a new thing and these where some of the first BIG amps ever being made. A car with 3000 watts was a rare thing back then and sounded very different then things do now. I ran home gear in my cars out of super expensive 10,000 dollar towers. this is in 1990. I used to build MOREL's tower speakers in boston mass. We used , SEAS, Morel, perless, BA, on and on in our cars I still run Morel MDT33 tweeters in all my cars. SICK. So we would stack these subs to create our ohm loads. NO DVC. I personally would run 4 boston acoustic 12.4 lf pro's on each pa4300 bridged at 2 ohms in 2.25 cubic feet ported. The 12.4lf is not like any of the new boston gear. It was their first pro driver and was a monster back then. Cast basket and a very light and super fast paper cone. Paper subwoofer sound very very musical and natural. There still is no other cone material as good except for maybe bamboo which is still a natural material.. LITE AND FAST. If you wanted you could put these drivers in 1 cubic foot sealed braced and stuffed and they would snap your neck off. The PPI guys used to do that a lot. Re cone was 100 bucks at the old BA factory on route one in boston. LOL Now they are on centenial drive in peabody mass. Im not talking about a fart machine. Im talking accurate SNAP. If done right it would feel like you were getting hit with a 2x4 with very little to NO distortion. that is something that can not be said by someone with a huge class d on a subwoofer that has no ability to be delicate powerful and fast. We are not talking about audio pistons like modern spl subs. and thats why you dont get it. If you just chuck this amp on a new spl drive it does not shine but will still sound good. Have you ever seen any new car drivers now in home audio. NOPE because home audio guys ant having a fart piston in their rig. Its got to be accurate. And trust me go meet a serious 2 channel guy with 20k dollar krell mono blocks, he ant running car drivers.. and is popping the 200 amp mains on his house if you want to talk about raw current. So why are these amps gone???? why does class D exist???? OK the death of car audio. I guess you have to understand the whole story. what happened and why. Well it all boils down to consumers and who your target market is. When car audio came out at first it was very much a hobby to most. The people that where pushing the industry and making the industry exist as a whole where home audio guys. They did things the way home audio did them. They built the best they could build reguardless of price. They built accurate gear. The USA was the KING of well built hand made amplifiers. No one was touching american made hands down, Series 5,6,7,8 hifonics,earthquake, ads, soundstream, ppi, phoenix gold, hafler, lanzar so many classic designed amps. So in comes compititions and IASCA . People are building sound systems very different because the rules were different. You competed in watt classes and it was very much ALL about sound quality back then and anal install, So what happened then right. Well three things. First amp companies started to build amps that were stable to very low ohm ratings and thats the days of cheater amps. 100 watt amps doing 1800 watts at 1ohm bridged on very crazy hand made passive crossovers and stacked multi sub systems. But you only had 200 watts and you were smashing fools. Well so now here you are trying to go toe to toe with some dude who has 10 times the money in gear as you but is claiming the same wattage. Their were also people hidding amps in their cars and cheating. See you could have as many drivers as you wanted back then it didnt matter. So a insaine amp construction battle started with the manufactures. See ever company wanted to be the best every year. They wanted to be number one and hold the trophies of the year. This is where it gets kind of funny. The companys started to LIE, they would put fake wattage numbers on their amps and claim things that simply where never true. Orion called bullshit on it all with the concept amps. LOL What they did was take a xtr2250 beast and put it in a concept 97.3. But all it is is a chrome case. same amp. then they said it would run to a dead short and only was a 2 watt amplifier. LOL LOL its funny some people still think the specs on these amps where true, but it was all fake. Its just a xtr2250. They did it to prove a point that a company could say anything and cheat. Well this made things change.. and this is how This is when the bass trucks and bass vans started to turn up to. example the orion hcca trucks. INSAINE even today. Well the big sound vans would get all the attention at the shows and this is when spl started. Guys like shaker were from boston and they kept building bigger and didnt care what things sounded like. it was just about loud. Then the compition seen started to change because of all the cheating and they went to cone size. you can count the speakers in a car and there size very easy. Well when this happend it all changed everything. this is the start of monster drivers you see now. compete with 1 12 and put 10k watts into great idea NOT. But there where other things going on to. Kids just wanted cheap bass. What they could afford. Remember I said target market. These big class a/b amps kids couldnt buy. You couldnt run them without the big three. Find a alternator shop in 1990 and have them hand wind you your shit was a bit out of most kids reach. 20k dollar car stereos. It wasnt what people wanted. Kids wanted to spend 500 bucks and sound cool with some bass. Back in the day there was a reason why all the drug dealers cars slapped hard. Its becasue they were the only ones with huge cash. Well this all spelled out DOOM for all the high end companys, orion ppi ads hifonics and so on. and they all went bankrupt. These are the dark days of car audio. All the big players folded, except for mtx and fosgate who made crap gear that was cheap. I know Im going to hear it from fosgate guys but the punch 1000 and 650 where there only good amps and they where out of the reach of most. So they all got snapped up by south east asian companys that only knew how to make crap. Not real audio gear. They bought the names and parted out the companys and the designers. DEI who made billions on viper car alarms in the 80's and 90's bought most of them up and then tried to invent directed audio FAIL. Then they tried to slap the old names on thier junk, FAILED, Then they realised they had to make better gear and started to try and re invent the brands they bought. By now if your a pimp you have to have bass in your car right. Its like a god given right if you think your cool. So every kid on the planet wants a system. Well the average 19 year old doesn't care what it sound like, he just wants to be noticed and the companys know this. So they start building simply for loud. Class d amps come into play because they are cheap to build and will run on 1/2 current of a class a/b. So now a kid can put 1500 watts wink wink in his trunk for 300 bucks and not have to put in a charging system. who cares what it sounds like. Better yet we just will not post the thd spec LOL LOL its only 2 percent they wont notice LOL Its cheap and it works. Spl trucks take hold of the comps and everyone wants to be loud. Shit I dont even see door speakers half the timeany more LOL LOL the custom shops start to fail. No one wants to pay 3 k for a install. They want a 50 dollar box slapped in at best buy by a 18 year old kid who knows nothing and a amp from south east asia. Add some monster subwoofer and here we are today. Now class d's are getting better, and this is mostly because of new american companys. Subs are big huge monsters that sound like shit but push massive spl and the world turns as I roll my eyes and laugh at every sound sytem that is so miss designed all I can do is laugh. But thats what car audio turned into. Good luck even trying to keep up with the sq of one of my system designs. dont even get me started about hiphop oh and ps why do you think they are still making big ass A/B amps. ???? Its because they blow the doors off your class D's I dont car what your stereo sounds like 20 feet in front of your car. I dont car about a number flashing on a meter while no one is in the car. Its the stupidest thing ever. I car about what it sounds like in the car. A clas a/b will sound twice as loud as a class d watt for watt. There is a reason to where all that amprage/ current is going. A A/b will simply out class any d set up out there a example of a new school a/b the american bass vlf 4000 fr and the earthquake is still bigger http://www.americanb.../product_id/177