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  1. sefugi

    Rick's build log

    More pics please... location of tweeters? Looking good!!
  2. sefugi

    Mazda 8x SA-12 build

    Enclosure looks great, laser etched panel is an awesome addition!!! Great work!! Great score!!
  3. sefugi

    99 4runner, 3WMD2 18'S...OPTI6000D

    Were is the "Mean Green" in the back area??
  4. sefugi

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    I don't drink that much but damn I'm seeing double!!
  5. sefugi

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Fuck that. I just don't want to need Viagra. J Using viagra wouldn't bother me as long as my heart can keep up!
  6. sefugi

    99 4runner, 3WMD2 18'S...OPTI6000D

    Looking great!! Work schedules can suck, but are a neccesary evil!
  7. Loose or dirty grounds can cause many issues, I would start by checking them.
  8. sefugi

    A Suburban A Warhorse and a Pair of SMDeez

    Happy to see you got a few tokens of appreciation for your hard work!!
  9. sefugi

    New Sundown SD / E / Neo Pro photos

    I like!!
  10. Wasn't it you that started it?
  11. sefugi

    Sundown 15s

    Buy an amp within your budget. Put your focus on building a "proper enclosure" as posted before. You will acheive better results.
  12. sefugi

    Welcome to the IHoP

    If it's a Vidalia. They are very good! me some onions!
  13. sefugi

    99 4runner, 3WMD2 18'S...OPTI6000D

    Looks as though you are off to a very serious start!!! Keep up the grreat work!!
  14. sefugi

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Nice vids!!! Cup trick pretty sweat!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!