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  1. Did a little more searching (and reading). Guess everything got discontinued, is being re-manufactured (I hope / it seems). The jump is a little much right now ... from a single 12" 1250rms to ... well, currently nothing. Even a jump to over 3k would be too much IMO
  2. Guys, did I miss something? Why is there only one ICON? Why is there nothing AFTER the ICON? What's up? That's it now?
  3. DaVibe

    FS: Term-Lab - Shipped

    I was going to do that too but I read the rules (so I thought) and I didn't see it listed ... just users doing it. Ah well, looks like it's sold today so, I'll be closing the whole thing. Thanks for letting me know. Edit: Okay you're right, I guess my eyes just skipped to the red bolded line. Edit 2: SOLD SOLD SOLD Moderators - Please Close Thread / Delete
  4. DaVibe

    FS: Term-Lab - Shipped

    Includes all parts in the briefcase needed for operation. It does not have a software disc but that is not needed anymore. Simply go on to the site and download the full install to your computer, that's what I did. This includes an active membership for up to 2 computers (I will de-activate mine that it is on) which cost me $69 this year. Also includes a brand new ethernet cable I just purchased. Over $80 invested this year. $500 Shipped or best offer. Cash negotiable based on offers that come in. Do not need trades, do not need product, sorry. The Term-Lab is coming from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I plan to have the item insured for shipping. Although my posts do not reflect it, this username is found on many car audio websites and I have lots of feedback in my own country, not to mention Heatware and eBay feedback from years of buying and selling. Reason for selling: No longer using.
  5. DaVibe

    Neo Pro 6.5 Review?

    I'd go with more components, more midbass before I go pro audio. I was thinking the same thing you are but decided against him ... probably the best move. I was listening to this guy that has 2 SMD subs off a Kicker Warhorse (so just imagine that) in his Jeep ... 3 sets of Kicker components in the doors ... wow, keeping up, all day long.
  6. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    So let me ask this: Are the products from China as good? Should we give credit where credit is due? Do the American companies have to take notice? Or is this a warning of sub-par products to come? I thought a lot of parts were already manufactured from China ... so why not the entire product?
  7. DaVibe

    Charging second battery

    Is it better to always trickle? I just started charging regularly (or want to) ... My real question (and not answered) is for how long ... Some say any help is good ... some guys say they charge all night (SPL guys, different game) ... Daily driver, just want the most I can get on the road from these babies ...
  8. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    So I think if we can conclude anything, the better subwoofer companies need to know their market. Keep the company growing but don't expand too much, the market you have is a small percentage and not looking to expand any time soon ... They probably think differently though ...
  9. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    The shallow sub is a huge market. Again, OEM integration ... the market that wants something more, that doesn't want to sacrifice what they have (the deck, the trunk space). This is HUGE and as a guy who use to valet cars, I see more stealth installs than actual big-bang installs that you see on YouTube. Those are few and far.
  10. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    Modding a new car is becoming harder and harder. If audio companies don't know how to combat this (like products that work with the existing head unit or mobile phone devices), it will be the death of them. People are not going to mess up their beautifully integrated Ford, Chevrolet or Honda dash to try and put a non-matching single or double din. This is becoming more and more of a problem IMO. I hear what you're saying about the YouTube phenomena. But I think the market (and the sport) needs more interest - period, however it comes. You start with a crappy walmart system and move your way up. I think a good example of this is Exo. This is NOT your typical "audio guy" ... skateboarding, kinda nerdy ... but yet, he started with the Walmart system (literally) and has moved up along the way to bigger and greater things. Now he has various sponsors. I don't have a problem with people getting into the scene with bad equipment, but I see (and probably agree) that BETTER companies might lose out. The only thing they can do is tell us why their product is better and we as consumers gotta buy into it.
  11. I was talking to someone who was thinking about distributing there in my city ... hands down winner IMO. SO SMALL (if space is an issue) but what we were talking about was the power ... You can hear the fan a bit (gotta cool somehow) but other than that, a very good product just coming out.
  12. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    I'm more concerned about the technology. Like I said, I have near-new equipment. I'm debating whether I keep it for the "one day" which I know will come or just get rid of it and start fresh when I'm ready ... I'm actually torn. I don't need the money at this very moment so it sitting is not a big deal. Yeah I know ... I almost wrote that in the original comment. Everyone is moving, except for JL. They keep going back to the same old, same old. Now, same package, different colour. I'm a fan of good technology, just necessarily a JL fan. I'm upgrading to SSA as we speak so ... not a JL fan boy to the death like some.
  13. DaVibe

    The Next 5 Years For Subwoofers?

    But has nothing changed? Doesn't feel like the "same old boys club" when it comes to who's on top and who isn't ... MTX has been resurrected from the dead (IMO), I'm sure they have Top Sales for 2010-2012 if anyone is tracking. The fact that manufacturers are not only thinking about neo-magnets, but some are actually selling them on mass now ... The death of some major brands these past few years ... I mean, we're definitely not a stale period of time, there's a lot going on.
  14. Anyone care to look into the crystal ball and tell me where we will be at in 5+ years for subwoofers? Back Story: I own a near mint 10w7 and a 13w7 in pro wedge box. I'm deciding on selling a lot of my equipment (locally) because I've upgraded (Crescendo 3500) BUT I KNOW in about 5 years time, when I buy a different car, I will be "starting over" and probably starting small - 1k setup. And because I'm nearly giving this stuff away, I'm beginning to wonder, do I store it and use it 5 years from now because I'm saving a few hundred dollars ... or get rid of it, even at a few hundred-dollars loss in hopes that equipment is going to be EVEN BETTER in 5+ years? Besides my issue, I'm really wondering, are we all going neo-magnets ... I see DD has come with a new spider structure, 4" as well for 2012 ... other manufacturers to follow? With the success of SSA, they are always re-inventing themselves it seems ... same with Sundown Audio ... YouTube sensation MTX (Thanks Steve Meade) is changing the industry (I feel) ... THOUGHTS???
  15. Okay sounds good. I just didn't know if that was "Optimal" to be Optimal but it's EVEN BETTER if I can provide more space ... But, I'll stick to what's given