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  1. oxsign

    B2 tahoe

    Awesome build and insane subs.
  2. Well you answered my question with that last post about running that monster on those Type S 15"s, lol. Theres no way they are going to last with that amp. Even at 4ohm it'll still be much for them. You'll have to turn the gails down, turn off any/all bass boost, etc (which should be off anyways) and hope for the best. at least you have a great amp when your ready to upgrade to 2 better 15"s that can handle that kinda power. Otherwise, good build so far.
  3. oxsign

    3 TC9 motors

    1. Product: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2. Specs: 1 is from an Eclipse 2 from a brand called "Turbulence" (1 still a complete working sub) ID 2.937, OD 3.3615, 2 .75" SLUGS (ALL 3 MOTORS MEASURE THE SAME) 3. Description/Condition: Used great condition. 1 of the Turbulence motors is still a working complete 12" sub I have in my truck now. I will break it down it you are looking for just the motors. ALL MOTORS ARE THE EXACT SAME. GAPS, SIZE, ETC. Only differences are that 2 are black and 1 is silver. Also 1 says Eclipse on the boot, the other do not. I've measured the gap inner/outer/depth and they are all the same. 4. Price: : $75 shipped ea, $150 shipped for 2, $200 shipped for all 3. 5. Pictures:
  4. oxsign

    lookin for a 15" sub

    Are you still looking? How much you looking to spend?
  5. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Lol nothing is ever set in stone, lol.
  6. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    A meet up would be nice to avoid the shipping. I'm looking for like $100 on top.
  7. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Sorry for the miss print. I beilieve this is the AQ3500d not the v1. It come factory with single inputs, but I am providing dual inputs with the trade. I was hoping for at least $100 with the trade. Used there is a $150 difference between the 2 amps without the D inputs.
  8. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    I'm gonna pass, thx for the offer though.
  9. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Thx, I'm looking at something smaller to run on 2 TC9 12"s.
  10. 1. Product: AQ3500.1 (V1) with dual inputs 2. Specs: 3500w @ 1ohm 3. Description/Condition: Use with dual inputs with some scratches, but works 100% 4. What you are looking for: : Im looking for an AQ2200 plus cash. I will not sell outright so please do ask. I will entertain other offers, but I'm really looking to step down to an AQ2200. 5. Pictures of your item for trade:
  11. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    Everything here is sold or trades, thx guys.
  12. oxsign

    Kings 07 Avalanche Walled 6 Team Fi 15's on 3 DC 9k's :)

    Are you planning on putting the rear window back in before you finish?
  13. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    AB 1600 amp pending trade
  14. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    Prices & amp added
  15. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    thx for good words. Ill go back and post some prices. I was mainly looking to trade rather than sell.