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  1. oxsign

    B2 tahoe

    Awesome build and insane subs.
  2. Well you answered my question with that last post about running that monster on those Type S 15"s, lol. Theres no way they are going to last with that amp. Even at 4ohm it'll still be much for them. You'll have to turn the gails down, turn off any/all bass boost, etc (which should be off anyways) and hope for the best. at least you have a great amp when your ready to upgrade to 2 better 15"s that can handle that kinda power. Otherwise, good build so far.
  3. oxsign

    3 TC9 motors

    1. Product: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2. Specs: 1 is from an Eclipse 2 from a brand called "Turbulence" (1 still a complete working sub) ID 2.937, OD 3.3615, 2 .75" SLUGS (ALL 3 MOTORS MEASURE THE SAME) 3. Description/Condition: Used great condition. 1 of the Turbulence motors is still a working complete 12" sub I have in my truck now. I will break it down it you are looking for just the motors. ALL MOTORS ARE THE EXACT SAME. GAPS, SIZE, ETC. Only differences are that 2 are black and 1 is silver. Also 1 says Eclipse on the boot, the other do not. I've measured the gap inner/outer/depth and they are all the same. 4. Price: : $75 shipped ea, $150 shipped for 2, $200 shipped for all 3. 5. Pictures:
  4. oxsign

    lookin for a 15" sub

    Are you still looking? How much you looking to spend?
  5. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Lol nothing is ever set in stone, lol.
  6. 1. Product: AQ3500.1 (V1) with dual inputs 2. Specs: 3500w @ 1ohm 3. Description/Condition: Use with dual inputs with some scratches, but works 100% 4. What you are looking for: : Im looking for an AQ2200 plus cash. I will not sell outright so please do ask. I will entertain other offers, but I'm really looking to step down to an AQ2200. 5. Pictures of your item for trade:
  7. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    A meet up would be nice to avoid the shipping. I'm looking for like $100 on top.
  8. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Sorry for the miss print. I beilieve this is the AQ3500d not the v1. It come factory with single inputs, but I am providing dual inputs with the trade. I was hoping for at least $100 with the trade. Used there is a $150 difference between the 2 amps without the D inputs.
  9. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    I'm gonna pass, thx for the offer though.
  10. oxsign

    W T T downgrading to less power

    Thx, I'm looking at something smaller to run on 2 TC9 12"s.
  11. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    1. Product: 1) Sound Splinter RL-i 8" D4 $150 2) 4 DD T1 tweeters $50 pr 3) 2 AB XD 6.54 S4 ea $115 4) AB PH-1600 MD $185 2. Specs: 1) http://www.soundsplinter.com/rli8_subwoofer_information.html 2) http://www.ddaudio.co.nz/t1.html 3) http://www.americanbassusa.com/product.detail/product_id/125 4) http://www.americanbassusa.com/product.detail/product_id/139 3. Description/Condition: 1) Used but in great condition 2) BNIB never mounted or powered 3) Used but in grat condition 4) 2 weeks used in good condition 4. What you are looking for: : Looking for a mono amp to push a 15". Will trade all, some, etc depending on the amp. 5. Pictures of your item for trade:
  12. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    Everything here is sold or trades, thx guys.
  13. oxsign

    Kings 07 Avalanche Walled 6 Team Fi 15's on 3 DC 9k's :)

    Are you planning on putting the rear window back in before you finish?
  14. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    AB 1600 amp pending trade
  15. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    Prices & amp added
  16. oxsign

    W.T.T/F.S RL-i, DD, AB

    thx for good words. Ill go back and post some prices. I was mainly looking to trade rather than sell.
  17. oxsign

    4 QP-MR6.5

    1. Product: ^^^^^^^^ 2. Specs: QP-MR6.5 (Sold As Pair) 3. Description/Condition: Brand new, never mounted, used, or powered. 4. Price: : $110 shipped for all 4. already boxed and ready to ship via flatrate box (NO GRILLS INCLUDED). 5. Pictures:
  18. Looking for a single (maybe 2) RL-i 8" subs. I know they are rare and I kick myself everyday for selling the 2 I had. You can PM me here or email me at oxsign@cfl.rr.com
  19. oxsign

    F/S Sundown 2000D

    Where in FL are you? Best price picked up if your within driving distance?
  20. oxsign

    '97 Toyota Celica Wall Build

    That's pretty insane.
  21. oxsign

    2007 Dodge Caliber SXT Build

    In for the build.
  22. oxsign

    This Ship Has Sailed!

    From someone that owned at least 1 of every RL-i & RL-p (and still own many), I am very sad to hear this news. I wish you well on any new adventures you take on from here. I will have to get ahold of one of those orphans to add to the collection. Goodbye & good luck.
  23. Just wondering is these 2 subs could handle an AQ3500 (older model 3500@1ohm)?? If so, what would be the optimum box for them to be ok with this power?
  24. oxsign

    2 12" Audioque HDC3's & AQ3500???

    I have the amp already. I'm just thinking of trading my 2 10"s for 2 12"s. I know they are alittle underrated @ 1K. I just want to be sure thay will be able to handle the 3+K from this amp.