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  1. DiabolicCustoms

    Spring Break Nationals '12 Part 2

    That mercedes is just sick!!!
  2. Trying to decide on what to do for my wagon!

  3. DiabolicCustoms

    Sneak Peak at the new GCON (Pics p5)

    Damn just when i decide to do 2 dcon 15's you guys creep in and try to change my mind again,.
  4. DiabolicCustoms

    Pennsylvania teams/competing

    ha, mine wanted the system more than me. she stays pissed during the winter as i don't let her drive the lancer because i don't like it being in road salt. there is no system in the titan and she is pissed off she has to drive that. ha.
  5. DiabolicCustoms

    Pennsylvania teams/competing

    I live in Oxford. I went to Ocean City a couple times and watched some retards "compete" I do alot of demo's for people with my wife's car. Its in the build log on here. 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. When the weather gets better I would be willing to bring the wife's car out to have some fun with.
  6. yeah i realized that after i had already commented, did a general search and it came up ha, im a idiot
  7. I have a 15 inch sound solutions audio xcon in my wife's 04 lancer ralliart. I took the back seats out took all the plastic off and removed about 1/4 inch of material around the trunk opening into the car. i went upto the spot weld but left it there. i can fit my wife's box which is 3.8cuft3 at 34hz tuned port. i have pics in my build log on here.
  8. DiabolicCustoms

    2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    It barely fits, ha, I had to remove a part of a pinch weld that goes across the back trunk opening to slide the box in. nothing to serious to weaken anything as the pinch weld is still there but it was a pain, hopefully within the year i pull that all out and get rid of the back seat and put 2 xcons in there.
  9. DiabolicCustoms

    2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    a couple pics of the interior work i did while here at school in Wyotech in blairsville pa!
  10. DiabolicCustoms

    Weird issue with crossovers

    Thanks for the input, I knew if i asked the question here i would get help.
  11. DiabolicCustoms

    Weird issue with crossovers

    thats 150 rms on the components but i do believe i fixed the issue. I rewired them biwire (pita) swapped the little switchy thingy to biwire and let the gain down just a smdige on the amp. it hasn't done the xmas light thing and i was trashing on it alot. the tweets are definatly not as bright, and the midbasses are more prominant so we will see, if it happens again i will let you guys know thanks
  12. DiabolicCustoms

    Weird issue with crossovers

    Solet me get this straight my 75 watt rms amp is too much for a 150 watt each rms pair of components? My mid basses are firing even with no biwire the amp isn't clipping as far as I can tell no o scope though and its not the amp light coming on I will take it back appart from the doorpanel and wire it biwire turn the gain down a smidge and then report back I do appreciate the input fellas I just am failing to see how a component set that would have cost 300 brand new can't handle 75 watts.
  13. DiabolicCustoms

    Weird issue with crossovers

    i am thinking about this, as the rms rating is 150 for them, and i have them on a amp that is probally not even close to putting 75 watts rms. and i still would like to use this setup cause it was the amp came from my wifes car and the component set i traded for a set of used tires. i am going to try this biwire thing and turn the gain just a bit down cause i honestly think its to high as it is, and if that doesn't work then i will come back and admit defeat and ask for more help? ha i guess im to stubborn to try the way that sounds like i don't have the right stuff to do what i want.lol
  14. DiabolicCustoms

    Weird issue with crossovers

    no the just light up when playing real loud and only flash so I'm wondering if I do the bi wire thingy and turn the gain down a bit it should retify the prob right?