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  1. too funny, just too funny

  2. someone broke into my truck, stole my amp, wallet and a blue backpack. fuck me

  3. Ate a 12 ounce burger, I'm a fatass haha

  4. when you hear about or see a sub in class, you show up, take the attendance.... then run out of class :)

  5. Finished a door speaker panel, changed all 6 spark plugs, trucks running better than ever

  6. haha the cops wrote down the wrong license plate number on my ticket

  7. gonna install a sub sometime this week. Let it pound!

  8. Wtf how did I drive home last night, lol I don't even remember

    1. 16K


      lol thats not good...

  9. my truck should look alright tomorrow, definitely a fucked up paint job :P

  10. Ate too much lactose, my bum hole is not too happy

  11. Got a Prince Albert, I'm a happy man today

  12. lucky kid, driving a pimped up toyota supra

  13. Got away with almost a fight with a roid monkey at Walmart, pulled over by a cop for blowing an air horn and having too many ppl in my truck (while having open liquor). What the fuck.

  14. Hammered as fuck

  15. Need. To. Party!