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  1. SIC Noma

    Ssa icon or kicker l7

    Icon $284 if you search enough you can find L7's for half the price.
  2. SIC Noma

    Ssa icon or kicker l7

    which ever one YOU want and the one that fits your budget. I'm gonna take a guess and say everyone will say get the Icon.
  3. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    really trying to avoid that. dont have the time or place to do it. they do make this one that fits nicely in the corner.
  4. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    the biggest challenge so far is the box. im so limited its not even funny.
  5. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    this isnt the common IA build. I just wanted to use a sub that not everyone has.
  6. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    not looking for anything crazy loud. just a really basic set up to add some extra bass.
  7. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    so i got a different amp. went and picked up a JL JX500.1 couldnt pass up on the deal.
  8. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    A coworker haz the same car with the LC2i and showed me how easy it was to set up...got it for a great price.
  9. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    got a really good deal on it. going to be in a sealed enclosure. the trunk space in these cars are really limited.
  10. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    thanks guys. this is gonna be a pretty basic build. the car has the bose system which sounds pretty good and has decent bass. But i need a little extra. Its getting... AudioControl LC2i Alpine MRP-M500 LI dual 4
  11. SIC Noma

    My First IA sub

    LI dual 4 it'll be going in this.
  12. SIC Noma

    Need More Youtube Subscribers Please!

  13. SIC Noma

    Where to get Hid headlights

  14. SIC Noma

    Feature Shot

    He sprayed the truck with Montana 94(graffiti spray paint) just for this photoshoot. But it will be painted a Lexus dark red if i remember right.
  15. SIC Noma

    Feature Shot

    thanks guys...