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  1. Pepelepú

    I've seen this too many times

    LMAO wtf is a FOCKIOROCKETGAT CAPASIDER, all i see is a rockford cap
  2. Pepelepú

    my subs sound like poo

    made this enclosure in torre's calculator its 4 cubic feet tuned to 33Hz after sub/port/bracing/double baffle displacement idk if it helps but atleast i tried lol
  3. Pepelepú

    IA Li 12"

    cause hes cheap? , lol no im thinking about trying out IA and read good things about the LI's so i was just wondering. im pretty sure theyll do good on 800 a piece daily though rite? not accounting the dynamics of music nore impedance rise.
  4. Pepelepú

    IA Li 12"

    can anyone else confirm if they can actually take a 1k rms on a daily system?
  5. Pepelepú

    IA Li 12"

    do yall think that a 12" Lethal Injection can take 1k rms daily? if not whats the most they can take for daily use?