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  1. They only recommend 8 gauge for this amp. So you will be good
  2. RuckU2

    DCON 12 single 4

    Looking at 1.13cu.ft, so after displacement I'm at 1cu.ft. But if bigger has a flatter response....????
  3. RuckU2

    DCON 12

  4. I just obtained an SSA DCON12 single 4ohm. It will be run off a JBL MS-A5001. So 500 watts. I am looking for SQ. My last setup was a CDT QES1220 in .62cu.ft sealed. It sounded phenomenal. But I made the mistake after selling my Explorer of telling the wife that the CDT is hers..lol So now I have a chance at the DCON. Couple questions: 1: How will the DCON respond in an Infinite Baffle? 2: If I run sealed, have you guys plotted the 12's to see where it gets the flattest response? .75, 1, 1.2 cu.ft???
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    Thanks for the welcome folks.
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    Military brought me here in 1989. I left in 1992 and came back to live in 1997. Good living up here. Cold but keeps out the riff raff.
  7. RuckU2


    Minot, ND. Why not Minot? Freezins the reason.
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    Hi folks. Came to these forums in support of Daber Audio. My name is Anthony. I live in North Dakota, drive a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT, competed and judged for MECA last three years.