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  1. I think I'm going to breakdown and get my hands on a Crescendo soon. I think old planet audio amps used to do rated. On newer models, I don't know.... it's like they've fallen off the map where I live...
  2. mr.sagat

    Ideal Amp?

    It's not the straight up best or anything, but that amp is very well suited for you. I know some people get away with giving s15l7's over 1000 daily with no problems, but for the average street system, the 750 will do great....
  3. mr.sagat

    not hitting the lows quit like I want

    I was thinking there might be a couple of other reasons you are missing your lows. One of them is that your running less cone area, the other is that the f3 of your past sealed enclosure is lower than the f3 of your ported enclosure. So, I'm guessing around 27hz and lower, your old sealed setup doesn't lose output as fast as your ported setup does. You said you don't have a subsonic filter, so you are probably playing some serious low frequencies on certain songs... Just like ported is usually louder than a comparable sealed setup, the sealed setup will usually have a flatter output curve and will usually drop lower than a ported enclosures. I know true home audiophiles sometimes dabble with huge sealed enclosures and I'm guessing great and clean low end extension is why...
  4. mr.sagat

    not hitting the lows quit like I want

    It's not really fair comparing the low end extension of a new sub versus one that is broken in...give the Dcon some time and her fs will drop to rated parameters...
  5. mr.sagat

    My latest run on the TL

    good score....
  6. mr.sagat

    First Cheap System

    I'm sure that 18 will get down with very little power. But, that being said, the 15's will have more flexibility in terms of future installs in different vehicles, voice coil configs and selling them locally in the future. Most people aren't too familiar with Dayton subs, I know they're good (I've wanted a Titanic forever) but those Powerbass's will be a easier sell to the average guy if you ever choose to do so.
  7. mr.sagat

    First Cheap System

    What's your limit of speaker size??? Here's a pair of 15's and a amp that falls into your range. This setup will have more cone area than the 18 and the amp is stronger and still CEA certified... http://www.vminnovations.com/product_4263/Soundstream_PCX2_540_540W_2_Channel_Amplifier.html PowerBass PB-C156Dv.2 (pbc156dv2) - 15" Subwoofers - Sonic Electronix two 15's and the soundstream would run you $220 shipped...
  8. mr.sagat

    Kent's 1987 Mustang Build

    You got a hot chick that will help you with audio? That's God tier bro.... My last one was scared to death of holding the mdf while I made cuts...
  9. That's crazy. It has to be some type of low resistance battery and cap hybrid I would figure. I don't trust things like that, but I've never tried one. I wonder how long it takes to charge and discharge. I do remember there was a spl oriented amp a long time ago called the "drag queen" That stored huge amounts of power. The amp was eventually banned from competition. This was a 10,000 watt amp (20,000 WATT BURST) in 2000, so SHE WAS A MONSTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS Harrison Labs 10,000watt "Drag Queen" amp, anyone using this ? - CARSOUND.COM Forum
  10. mr.sagat

    install finished

    I was simply posting how easy it is to claim someone elses numbers to prove a point. Really? I never would of guessed that.... Your imaginary setup just reminded me of real numbers with low tier setups, that's all. I wasn't acknowledging your setup it in my post
  11. mr.sagat

    install finished

    Everyone and their mom knows about it, but it still blows my mind how 13 6x9's hit a 169.
  12. it is wired down to 1 ohm.. What ohm is your woofer? Real talk, WTF.....
  13. mr.sagat

    hole in subwoofer

    Put tape on the backside of the foam, then rubber cement it from the front. After it dries take off the tape. Superglue stiffens up the foam too much. My adire audio shivas were banged up with random holes and rubber cement worked better than anything else I tried...
  14. mr.sagat

    Team Decent "Punisher" Build

    I'm confused with the team name. The team is called decent, like average, so-so The word descent,has the definition of attack or appearance (Sudden disconcerting appearance) imo Descent is a sick team name. I don't know which the team implies but your team is loud as hell either way
  15. That rubicon at one ohm should be drawing over 200 amps. On a system with only wire upgrades your gonna get wrecked. You need a battery to back that amp up. My a3000db's have a similar board and I would say that they get warm @ 1 ohm, but nothing to worry about. So, some heat from that amp is normal...