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  1. I've owned my 2 RL-P 12's for over a year now. Although the subs were used when I got them. I've had them in 3 separate cars and in 4 different enclosures. Its hard to describe how much I love these subs, they have a unique sound to them that I just don't want to give up. Right now I have them in a blowthrough style enclosure in a 00 S10 regular cab. The box is 5.1cu ft. tuned to 30hz using 2 aeroports. I'm still using that Hifonics 1600 watt amp, it seems to be about a perfect match in my opinion. My upper stage consists of 2003 era Rockford Fosgate, Fanatic X components. With a RF 300.2 amp. I listen to mostly Metal and Rock. With Rap thrown in when I want to pound the ground. This setup preforms with any of the music I listen to. The double kick drums and bass of the Metal is always clear, fast, and accurate. Even with the subs turned up, they don't over power the rest of the music like so many others. When I play some nice bass heavy rap, its still clean and accurate, while at the same time being freaking LOUD. The doors visibly move in the sockets, every thing inside the truck moves and flexes. Its an impressive sight! To sum it up they are great subs that have the ability to excel playing a wide variety of music. While not requiring a huge amount of power to do so.
  2. nimbyfaygo

    exursion limits

    I've seen my RL-P 12's move about 3 or 3.5in peak to peak while unloaded. Thats probably real close to to mechanical limits. Even so I wouldn't attempt to push em that far on a regular basis.
  3. nimbyfaygo

    #s on rlp18 setups?

    I made a pretty good score with my 2 Rl-p 12's in a Civic Hatchback. I made a 148.3@49 hz. Thats with a daily install. I don't plan on competing with them. It just seems like a waste of good subwoofers.
  4. I discovered by accident that Fast Reducer (painting supply) will remove the Logo from the subs very easy. I was using it to clean one since I got some overspray on it. The logo just wiped right off! Thats good for me, since one of mine has a logo and the other don't. Now they both don't LOL
  5. I think that 3.0cu each tuned to 25-58hz would give you a great blend of music/HT use.
  6. nimbyfaygo

    Need a little help here

    The 3000 is a great subwoofer no doubt. But it really likes to have the power poured on. I'm giving one tc-3hp 10 1500watts rms. And it could use a good bit more. With your 1100 watts. A Rl-p 15 will sound great and get pretty loud at the same time. I'd recommend the rl-p 15 with the power you have.
  7. nimbyfaygo

    Two Rl-p 12's installed

    A little update. I got my system metered today, and I hit a 148.3@49 hz! Thats with the Termlab mic. The score was made full legal (mic on the dash, sealed up.) BTW I hit a 151x mic in the kick, drivers door open! I made the score using Hifonics Goliath I borrowed. The subs started smelling after about three long burps. But they took the abuse very well!
  8. nimbyfaygo

    I need recones!

    My brother in law owns a machine shop. All I need is a basket and soft parts. cantact PaP ask for john he has everything your looking for.... http://pierceaudioproducts.com/forum/index.php I sent them a message. Real good people over there!
  9. nimbyfaygo

    3 18" BTL fully loaded, What enclosure?

    This is kinda odd, but I installed a wall for three BTL 15's in a Dakota 4 door. I went with 24 sq feet. It's very loud, I don't actually know what he metered with it. He's using 6 quantum audio 1500's
  10. nimbyfaygo

    3 18" BTL fully loaded, What enclosure?

    woops double post
  11. nimbyfaygo

    Two Rl-p 12's installed

    Yep same thing, just with bed liner.
  12. nimbyfaygo

    I need recones!

    My brother in law owns a machine shop. I'm pretty sure that he can do any machining that needs to be done. All I need is a basket and soft parts.
  13. nimbyfaygo

    I need recones!

    I'm looking to recone two LA storm X1 10's. I want to use 12's instead. So what I need is two 12in baskets, and two recone assemblies that fit in the 3HP gap. I haven't been able to find out anything about the gap, other than its a 3in coil. But I saw at CA that you guys reconed a 3HP neo. What series coil fits? Thats the question. As it is right now, I have a Fosgate 1000D on each sub, so dual 1.4 or 2ohm coils would be what I want. I can say that they will be going in a 5cu ported box. (thats the largest I can fit in my car.) And I'll be using them for daily.
  14. nimbyfaygo

    Two Rl-p 12's installed

    Yep thats grey fleckstone. I love the way looks sprayed on boxes!
  15. nimbyfaygo

    Two Rl-p 12's installed

    Well the box in there right now is 35.5 wide, 15 high, and 22 deep. The only reason I added the new seat was because the stock seat wasn't there when I bought the car.