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  1. yes, i completely agree with you litium. i made sealed pods for my DynAudio MW172 8" midbass drivers, to help with frequency response. with some music, the midbass in my truck will tickle the hair on my legs. increasing midbass also greatly reduced sub localization for me. a few years ago i used to be a MECA sq competitor (modified class). is winSID still the preferred (by most) method to model ? i hate that program. never really got a good handle on using it. thx for your input lithium ! ! !
  2. i still have two new Sundown Audio SA-8v3 subs left over from a previous project. i would like to re-purpose them for my daily driver which is sq focused. can the SA-8 be musical ? if so, how do i accomplish this without switching them out for something different. Sundown website states sealed enclosures are not recommended. local dealer tells me that once you port the SA series, they become more spl oriented subs.
  3. selftc

    ixl10 goodness

    delivered today. seems very well built. great looking piece. unfortunately it may be a week or two before it sees power. props to both ssa and mach5 for excellent customer service. ::thumbs up::
  4. selftc

    help w/ first soundsplinter setup

    that's awesome.. i didn't know the rl-i 8 comes in single 4 vc. the web site only shows a dual 4, unless i'm over looking it. with 600/700 watts, sealed, music style = mostly rock, what is optimum enclosure volume for two rl-i 8s ?
  5. i've read incredible things about soundsplinter and considering them in my next setup. its going in a '05 toyota tacoma access cab. my install has space limitations. i have only .88 gross cu. ft, and 600/700 watts available. i am SQ focussed, but want to wang as well. two rl-i 8s seem perfect, but they don't come in the VC configuration i need. i need a final 2 ohm load. since the rl-p does not come in 10, the rl-p 12 is my only other option (that i am aware of). is .88 gross too little for a rl-p 12" even if i add poly ?