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  1. I've currently got a Brand X audio BA18. I believe it's from a build house in the states that makes a Moab is it. I'm from the uk by the way. It's currently in a 4.5cuft box tuned to 30Hz with about 60sqin of port area. Although small it does sound nice. Just wondering what you guys would do with it. I can get some T/S specs up in a bit when home. Thanks karl It's being run off a sundown 3500 @ 1ohm.
  2. B-chi

    Amplifier Stock News (Announcement Inside)

    Any more info? Also will they be available in the uk?
  3. B-chi

    Sundown 3500 output voltage

    So this farting could be the sub/box's reaction to clip. Meaning I'm actually at full power. I shall get hold of a scope, DMM, clamp meter, do a complete test and report back.
  4. B-chi

    Sundown 3500 output voltage

    Going to get an exact measurement of what the enclosure is. It is possible it's too small. Also possible I'm getting DC offset so will change HU out and try this.
  5. B-chi

    Sundown 3500 output voltage

    It's a brand x audio bA18. Yes i understand only go until just before this happens but it should be louder than it is so something is wrong.
  6. Currently running a 3500 at 1ohm. Haven't clamp metered it yet but what sort of voltage should i be seeing across the speaker terminals. Reason i ask is sub sound awesome at 71-72v but one notch more on the vol sends it up to 75v and I loose output and the sub makes a fart noise. Cheers your brother from across the water.
  7. B-chi

    in search of a low end monster

    How so low and loud. I loved them. Four 12s off 8k in a ported box, can't remember tuning. Did 150db under 35Hz sound lovely accurate and plenty of low end umph.
  8. B-chi

    in search of a low end monster

    I'm in the uk and the best budget subs have to be jbl gt's. So many different types of install with varying amounts of power all producing great results. Out of the four or five you mentioned I'd go Orion hcca. Cracking subs that take a load of abuse. I only comment on things of heard and budget jbl gt, more money the Orion.
  9. B-chi

    SPL-Labs LCD Bass Meter

    Brilliant news.
  10. 0awg is good for 300a. Add up your fuse ratings of all your amps. If under 300a your good. I suspect you'll be around 200a assuming first amp is about 1200w and second is 500w.
  11. As I said to phi I'm a member on two caraudio forums in the uk. One is pretty frigging big. If say we get 12 from the US and 13 from the UK, do we all benefit from the cheaper price. I know the first question I get asked will be is it as accurate as a TL. If so I would imagine a lot of streetbassers will go for it. Dbdrag guys not so much as obviously dbdrag uses a TL. But well wait and see.
  12. I'm in the uk and interested. Anyway I can jump on this? What if I can stir up some interest over here? Also I need to be able to measure 15Hz. What would I need to do? Cheers guys
  13. B-chi

    SPL-Labs LCD Bass Meter

    So how accurate is it? Fantastic review mate