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    new team SSA build. 2 zcon 18s on 10k. 159.5db

    Wow very impressive score for only two 18's! Very nice!
  2. thor02

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Haven't listened to their new album much (yet), but i did like Incredibad.
  3. thor02

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Learned that there's an 85% chance that my 35 year old uncle has ALS. They won't know for sure until he sees a specialist, but we hope it's not hereditary since he just has his first daughter 15 months ago.
  4. thor02

    IDK What Happened

    Go through ALL of your wiring to make sure everything is tight (that includes taking your sub out and checking those too).
  5. thor02

    150 on music goal

    First thing that comes to my mind is a couple of BL 15's. 4 SA-12's sound like they would work well too. If you could up your budget a little bit i would say two btl 15's though. Are you planning on competing at all?
  6. thor02

    Oopsy daysy

    What's your low pass filter set at?
  7. thor02

    BL hits lows but not so much highs

    The change in output you describe makes me think you have the low-pass filter set lower than your liking. Check the set frequencies on your amp/head unit.
  8. thor02

    Please help me figure this out...

    Alright i switched my rca's around on the amp and i got each speaker to play correctly. I also ground my head unit to some metal in the dash. The reason my head unit was shutting off was due to a faulty new ground for the front battery. I used some "dielectric grease" or something like that because i could never get a great connection before. Well it turns out that the nut for the strut tower bolt is painted, so i just grinded that shit off and shazam, good connection and power to the whole system without using that grease. I am still getting crackling from my tweeters on most songs. These songs are 320 kbps, so not shitty by any means. I don't know what else to check to fix that.
  9. I just finished installing my first amped set of components, and i have a few problems. The components are being ran bridged from a 4 channel (channels 1+2 and channels 3+4) The gain is matched to the head unit voltage (2 volts), and the ssf is being used as the hpf for the comps and the switch on the amp is set to "full". The rca's are hooked up as followed: Front left @ hu to ch1 @ amp Front right to ch2 back left to ch3 back right to ch4 I used this same head unit (alpine cda-105) with my "old" system without the components but with a subwoofer. There were no problems with the system then. I am using the same ground in the rear that i have been using for my sub amp. I just used a distro block to run 4 gauge to each amp, with 1/0 going to the grounding location. The main power wire is 1/0 with a distro block going to 4 gauge to each amp. When i first turned the system on i noticed sound was only coming from the left side, plus the sound was horrible, almost like a crackling. I turned the head unit up to volume 8 and it shut off and restarted. When i turned it up to 5 i could see the head unit's illumination dimming with the beat of the music. Any help is appreciated. If i missed any info just ask.
  10. thor02

    Please help me figure this out...

    I haven't checked those things yet, but that doesn't explain why my head unit was shutting off if i turned the volume up.
  11. thor02

    Please help me figure this out...

    Not going out till the morning but how do you think they're wrong? Because i have no idea.
  12. thor02

    Please help me figure this out...

    Just triple checked and they're good.
  13. thor02

    Check this out

    Slap some 10 or 8 gauge on those bad boys and you'll be good to go.
  14. The 2 gauge kit will work with that. The amp does accept 0 gauge also just in case you wanted to go bigger.
  15. For a monoblock amp you would want 2 channel rca's. For a 4 channel amp it requires 4 channels rca's, and the same for 6 channel. There are not really any performance benefits on buying rca's that cost $40 over ones that cost $10. The more expensive ones might look nicer/flashier but i can almost gaurantee they perform without audible difference between the two.
  16. Finally someone got theirs. Looks great man.
  17. thor02

    12" sq at ohms

    You don't want the sub to make any sound?
  18. thor02

    12" sq at ohms

    Here ya go
  19. thor02

    Component wiring question

    Great, looks like a set of ID's will be in my doors! Thanks.
  20. thor02

    Component wiring question

    I'm looking into getting an 8 ohm woofer and a tweeter for each of my stock locations. The amp i have is rated for 50x4 @4 ohms and has a bridged rating of 160x2 @4 ohms. Question is, would it be ok to bridge each side (1 woofer and 1 tweeter) @4 ohms, provided that i find a decent 8 ohm tweeter? Or am i just better off running each speaker to it's own channel? I'm not too familiar with this stuff, so excuse me if i am completely missing something.
  21. thor02

    Component wiring question

    I did happen to find just one set of the ID comps. Their power handling is definitely more suited for what i'll be throwing at them, plus ID seems to have a better reputation for the quality of their products than PG from what i've seen. I'm sure i'd be blown away by anything that i buy, since i have never really heard any amplified speakers. So the ID's are probably the better way to go than the PG's huh?
  22. thor02

    Component wiring question

    I've heard good things about that comp set that you posted shogen, but i have also heard great reviews on the PG RSD65 set. The doors in my car are sealed up, and i'm basically looking for a good amount of midbass for what i can fit in there (6.5"). Also, my stock tweets sound "bright" to me at times, so i would like a less harsh tweeter if possible. I see the Polk's are $125 and the PG's are $150. Question is, which one would be better for my application?
  23. thor02

    Component wiring question

    Alright guys, thanks for clearing that up. I really should make this as easy as possible on myself. Here to learn before i make mistakes!
  24. thor02

    Component wiring question

    My head unit is an Alpine CDA-105. I don't think i could do active with that, and i'm not getting a new head unit. I really would like to keep it under $175 for the crossover, tweeter and woofer.