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  1. erik67111

    bl and q

    im looking at both woofers and i was just wanting to get some input from people that have exprience with both or either one on how many watts you had on the box specs and options you had on the woofer and what you liked or disliked about that woofer and what woofer you would reccomend in that price range
  2. erik67111

    Came from SoCalSPL.com

  3. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    im just gonna go with the stetsom 5k
  4. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    what about 2 audioque 3500's would they work well
  5. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    if anything i would get 2 3500's strapped
  6. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    yeah thats what i was thinking the 5k is enough and it would save money on both on the amp and electrical upgrades
  7. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    yes but its 3x the rms needed i think im gonna save some money and get the 5k instead
  8. erik67111

    nightshade vs 7k

    i was thinking of getting two nightshade 18s and stetsom 7k at 1 ohm do you think the nightshades would be able to handle it or should i wait till this spl monster that jacob has been working on comes out ps jacob do you know when youll be releasing that monster
  9. erik67111

    help on a box

    from my calculations the box is 10 cu ft and it tuned to like 44 hz what sub and or subs and what are the max deminsions
  10. erik67111

    1997 honda accord build log

    run your ground to the frame if you cant run it to the strut tower
  11. erik67111

    New build: Project Shocker! DB Drive - DC Audio

    good job almost deadening time
  12. it works on my other headunit so its probably the ground is there a way to make a new ground for it
  13. ok i went and messed with it when the volume is below 20 its like playing a 50 hz tone on the subs full blast and when you turn it up over 20 it plays the songs beat but under that is the 50 hz tone still and sometimes the subs cut in and out
  14. everything work just this morning before i switched headunits
  15. thats the point i dont have the manual and yes everything is hooked up perfectly