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  1. Checked under the hood today and saw this... So pissed. Looks like I won't have my truck for a day or two. Getting it towed to the dealership tomorrow. Hopefully they don't try to screw me, as they installed it in the first place...Wondering what's preventing it from happening again too... :suicide-santa: :suicide-santa:
  2. mrbojang

    I need some help with a situation..

    They're refusing to give you back your personal property. It's theft. Not sure on the value of the camera but it might even be grand theft in your state and a felony. I think just having a cop go to their door will help either way.
  3. mrbojang

    I need some help with a situation..

    Not sure man. Kind of a tough situation. Personally I would ask for the broken camera back...To make sure it is indeed broken, and to see if repairs are possible... If they refuse...Call the cops.
  4. Looks great man, glad to hear SA is doing well. If you run out of space you can always send a couple of pallets of gear to my house...
  5. mrbojang

    Sundown X-12 Prototype

    Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing some performance comparisons between them and the SA line..
  6. mrbojang

    Inside FI Facility

    I wonder what your power bill is like running that magnetizer and your various machining tools.
  7. mrbojang

    check us out on twitter

    Nice! Working on thanksgiving? Now that's dedication...
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_IOh8QHIdk
  9. Second warden is on the way. :)

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    2. mrbojang


      Yep. Have them both now. Now I need to save up a bit for a stronger electrical setup..

    3. Notorious97200


      Nice ! You think your car will like it ?!!!

    4. mrbojang


      Haha, I doubt it'll like it. It's already falling apart from the vibrations.

  10. mrbojang

    21 inches of TERROR

    I believe recommended is 7.5cf to 9cf.
  11. mrbojang

    21 inches of TERROR

    Around $60 with insurance. Not including packing materials. Shipped from SC to FL. Took like two days to get here too.
  12. mrbojang

    cow's reaction to bass

    Haha. That's great.
  13. mrbojang

    theft proofing any tips?

    I'm thinking he's responsible enough to realize he can't shoot somebody in the back, especially if they're not even on his property. I don't blame him for taking his gun. What if they noticed him and pulled one? Not trying to get into a gun debate here but the fact he didn't start shooting randomly says a lot.
  14. mrbojang

    BTLs and SAZ-2500d

    As long as the final ohm load isn't too low I'd run them strapped. Saves you from having to match the gains.
  15. mrbojang

    Amp Catches on FIRE!

    You can do whatever you want. I mentioned previously, if the power supply blows and the mosfets short out you will basically have a short between + and - inside the amp. Blow on it, spit, piss, pour water put a blanket over, nothing will work. Here's some fire damage What amp is that?