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    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    Does anyone have any ideas of box designs for two 18'' xcons or two Fi bti subs in a Explorer behind the rear seats since I cant build a wall?
  2. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    If you was to put the port towards the back at the bottom wouldnt that choke the air flow rather than having the port back towards the top?
  3. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    With the same size port or shrink it down?
  4. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    Thanks very nice!
  5. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    What kind of box did you have? Was it more like a CRX style box or just a standard slot port?
  6. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    I am sorry for the mix up! I ment to say is that I have a son and cannot build a wall right behind the drivers seat. I can and had a wall before behind the second row seat but do to airspace and room I wouldnt be able to fit two 18's beside each other.
  7. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    I had four 15'' Audiopipe TXXSPL-15 subs with around 3,000 watts rms in it last year and it didnt do anything for numbers just knocked the rear view mirror of and flexed the B pillars like crazy... So something differant would be more of a challenge and I think I might have better luck of getting into the mid 150's as a everyday street beater..
  8. genisiss1

    SPL in a Ford Explorer

    I have around 20 cubes in a wall behind the second row seat or a 15 cube box alittle higher than the rear window line and I plan on running around 6,000 watts with the amps and batteries taking place of where the rear seats would be and I plan on a every day street beater with some SPL comps from time to time. Thanks for the help and more advice would really be great!
  9. genisiss1

    Hello from IN

    I am from Fort Wayne IN new to the site but not to car audio. I have been into car audio since I was old enough to drive thanks to people like Alma Gates, Scott Owens, Gary Biggs, and Chris Norris over the years I have learned alot from people in car audio and hope to continue learning from more. There is alot of awsome videos from you all and hope they keep up the good work and carry on the car audio industry.As to me I dont now much about SSA but plan to learn alot after I start a new build in my Explorer so with that all said thanks to anyone that is in this forum and hope to get some good response from you guys and from SSA. Thanks again!
  10. genisiss1


    4 15'' Subwoofers in a 20 cubic ft box and around 3,000 watts all 0 gauge wire done by me.
  11. ready for some shows and warm weather