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  1. Hey guys, have a pair of used Hybrid Audio L8's. Accepting all offers on trades and offers on prices to sale. Let me know what you got. Pics soon, Thanks edit: will sale the L8's for $270 shipped My link
  2. Nobody has an xcon 12" d1 or sale ??
  3. Hey guys, looking to buy a used 12" D1 Xcon. And also looking for an Alpine PDX 1.600 amp. Let me know what you guys have !
  4. ATF

    $600 small budget setup

    Damn shipping. But thanks guys.. Anyone have any input on whcih amp we should go with?
  5. ATF

    $600 small budget setup

    I have family in phoenix
  6. ATF

    $600 small budget setup

    So sorry. I didn't fully read it as the EL sealed boxes were the prices i was looking at.. No biggy, few more bucks for the box..
  7. ATF

    $600 small budget setup

    Alerion on the forum charges about $50 for a 1.5^3ft enclosure .. Or so they say.
  8. ATF

    $600 small budget setup

    Well i actually haven't gotten the quote yet, but really? How much would a single 10 ported box usually go from any of the custom fabricators on the forum? i didn't think it'd be too much.
  9. Hey guys, my friend is looking to spend about $600 on a new setup. Looking to get opinions on what i've came up with so far.. Sub - SSA Dcon 10". Sub box will be custom ported@32hz hoping no much more than $80. Amp kit will be like $80.. Comps will be MB Quart ONX216 which are $110 on woofersetc.. Now i need a 4ch or 5ch that will sufficiently power the comps and sub and needs to be under $200, but if i have to and if necessary, i'll go to $250 and throw in $50 for him for the amp.. Suggestions? His car is a 2008 Saturn Astra hatchback. He's just looking for a little low end and better, powered speakers than stock. Thanks
  10. Whoops, didn't mean to put the p99rs.. The head unit i will be getting will most likely be a Pioneer Deh-880PRS. Nowhere near the expense of the p99rs.. But so yea i kind of would rather go with 2 subs, over one. If i happen to go with dual 12"xcons, i would simply get a 2000 watt amp. but man does 1500 and 2000wrms seem like overkill for my preferably SQ setup. But then again, i always can adjust gains.
  11. I disagree about the 8. It may overpower stock speakers playing at a reasonable, non-distorted level but not if they're blasting. I've heard stocks keep up with a an HDC ported until almost max volume. It sounded bad but you could hear it over the bass. And to the op, cone area is your friend. 2 12"s ported can surprise you if you've never heard anything like it before. Say i go 2 12" xcons ported, i do feel like they woulod be superrrr loud. I could tune at like 28hz and i know i can always EQ it. But more power would be required as well.. 12" Flatlynes would only require 1500rms if not that, how much better is the SQ with the IA's over the Xcon's, ported..? I'm just really torn between the subs, haven't had a chance to demo any at all, but have read A LOT over the past few years.
  12. I am aiming for the best possible SQ i can get from this setup. I don't want to sit here and say i want a SQ system, that "also will get loud when needed", because i generally won't be trying to impress people with the output capabilities of my setup, rather than the imaging and staging and overall of how good it will sound. The 2 10" w6's i had, i guess i'd say got about a little less than half loud of what i want my next to sound like, but that's at max volume i'd be playing them.. And that was with stock speakers and no power to them. With power going to my new front stage i'm sure it's going to be a lot louder and more clear, reason why i feel i should go with 2 12's or a 15. I know a lot of factors will determine the end result and i'll have a lot of EQing and tweaking to achieve the sound i want. I suppose i would like to get feedback on how good each of these subs sound if anyone has heard them in person. I do want to save as much space as possible though, and i've heard the LMS-R has amazing low end in sealed boxes, but the upper end not so good? I'd like a comparison between each sub vs the other.. I'm really intrigued buy the IA Flatlynes as well, but the Xcons have always been favorite. Sealed/ported and properly built boxes will also be major factors, and i know each of these subs i feel like i'll love, but i want to see if there are people who have opinions on any and feel if that sub would exceed vs the other.
  13. Reason for thinking of running the tweets there, would be because i have read that midbass in the doors can be good, but even with a lot of deadener, might still get rattles. T/A processor i'm hoping to pick up first, would be a Pioneer Dex-P99rs.
  14. Finally getting all the pieces together for my build. The only missing piece(s) to the puzzle is the subwoofer(s). I will be attempting to go with a 3-way fully active front stage which will consist of Scanspeak D2004/6020 tweets, Dayton RS75-4 midranges and Peerless 830883 Midbasses powered by either a JL XD600/6 or Sundown sax100.4&125.2 ... I'm not necessarily going for a strictly SQ setup, but i am trying to build a well balanced and accurate system. With my tweets on-axis in the a-pillars and midrange/midbass in the kicks, along with plenty of eqing, i hope to achieve quite good imaging for everyday listening. I want to keep this system for a very long time and enjoy it to the fullest.. Now my previous systems consisted of stock speakers and horribly tuned enclosures. I believe I've never experienced real lows. I listen to mainly rap, hip-hop and r&b, so i do want the lows to be there, yet not over excessive and exaggerated.. I've had 2 JL Audio 10w6v2's in a sealed box thrown in my HUGE trunk with no sound deadening whatsoever and it somewhat didn't over power my stock speakers. So i guess i'm looking for something pretty louder than that. I initially intended to get one sub, 12 ported or 15sealed/ported, but i came to realize i can always turn the volume down and EQ it to my preference because i didn't want the subs to be really loud and i'd rather have the extra headroom rather than not to. And i want to be able to have good low extension at low volumes.. So here are the few subs i've been deciding between.... SSA Xcon, TC Sounds LMS-R, IA Flatlyne, FI Q. All about the same price range. I have about 4 cubes or so to work with. All will be either powered by 1200-1500 rms Thinking 1 15" Xcon@29hz vs 2 12"LMS-R sealed vs 2 12" FI Q's sealed vs 2 12" IA Flatlynes either ported@28hz or thought A LOT about doing an infinite baffle with these with about 600rms. But i'm not sure how the output will be with them IB, but read a lot on IB and it's supposed to be SQ heaven, when properly done. I know there are many deciding factors but i'm just torn between these subs. I want the best accuracy, tonality and transient response out of either subs.. I plan on deadening the car very well and electrical will be upgraded. Hopefully some of you guys have heard any of these subs and can offer some advice.. I'm just a 20yr old who loves and appreciates the music i listen to ! Thanks.
  15. ATF

    my systems from start to now....

    Which did you like most and why? Least? Comparisons?