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  1. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Yes and no on the more attention, yes because it needed to get done, no because it should have been done three weeks ago but because its SO complex and the parts are SO big that it just became a nightmare that wouldn't end.. It's done now THANKFULLY. But to clarify on THIS job, it didn't get bumped for another job per se, it just got held up over it.. Either way it's done at this point, just have to wait for it to get back from anodizing.. As far as alts go though, this one turned out very, very nicely.. And the shitty situation with employees, is just shitty.. We've hired FOUR different people in the last month, $20+/hour wages and nobody wants to show up to work, or has other baggage that prevents them from working.. We know we need help, we've tried, we just cant find any good GD employees!!!! If you guys were in the metro area, I'd pucking work for you... I find the shit amazing that can be done with alternators and I'm fcking balling with CS... bitches love me... lmao The last guy we "hired" was for a CNC operator, $24/hour, he was only making $16 and we gave him very flexible hours.. The MF'r didn't even bother to call, just didn't show up.. Even in So-Cal, good stable jobs are VERY hard to find, I can't for the life of me understand why someone would just say f*ck it and not show up.. He was a referral too.. We will get our shit straightened up, and it's way better than it's been in a LONG time and that mostly has to do with I am now in a much better "place".. By the end of the year we will be smooth sailing and everyone will be happy, I just need to get some freaking parts made and get suppliers to get me some units to build!! Rob once again please dont take anyone elses comments for mine. Good or bad. I dont bitch or wine i just want info. Sorry that some of the posters complain about the service. I know it sucks to have to deal with that. Any how i sit over here just wishing some of the forum members would not post so much taking your attention away from me and my concerns. Like i said ive heard nothing but good about the product, which is why im paitent. Like i said i hope you reconsider yesterday and just ignore those who are talking shit yet arent spending their time or money.
  2. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Such nice words you have there.. Nobody's getting ignored, it's called we are two people down and only one person is on the phones. I'm glad people are so comfortable making such assumptions and spreading it as truth. If said person thinks they are being ignored, I apologize but it's just not the case. Seriously, at this point I am just going to have Kyle refund you because I am absolutely SICK of hearing about this. Find somebody else to build you an alternator.. I know this has taken way longer than ANYONE has wanted, but at this point, I would rather you just not have the alternator than to have to listen to this... Rob by no means do I control who post on this forum. I hope you dont plan on taking out your frustration for bassahaulic's comments on me. As I stated earlier I dont bash any company for issues like this because I know how custom work goes. And I dont call because its easier to get answers on here. I call and get return calls back, but due to my job the forum is easier for me to communicate. Like I said I hope you arent talking about refunding me, I have nothing to do with the issues his friend is having and I hope you wont hold that against me. All I wanted to know was when I should expect shipping info thats all..
  3. Post some pics of whats happening and im sure someone can guide you in the right direction..
  4. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    So when is it shipping ?????
  5. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Better question is when should i expect shipping info?
  6. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Im drooling on this end! Any clue on when it should ship out?
  7. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Alt coming soon.. oh yaaaaa
  8. RXdriver11

    Enclousre Build for Technoboy (One 10 Inch Fi Q)

    I ended up having a different builder do my rebuild enclosure because Andrew went MIA on me too, but I have heard from people who know him personally he has had a few personal issues hes been dealing with. I guess try to bare with him. He makes really good enclosures and honestly I hate to see him stop. I was kinda looking forward to bringing my next build up to show him his work in action. It sucks for the people who have paid and arent hearing anything. But if you call and call and call he eventually will respond. He would hit me up randomly outta the blue when I was trying to get him to do my build. For those who have paid if you are in no hurry to get your box then you will be happy with your boxes when you do get em.
  9. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Thanks Rob. The wait has me bouncing all over the F'n place , but I understand how custom work goes sometimes. The updates just keep me aware of progress. I dont even want to start adding any new equipment until I get my electrical up to par, and everyone around me keeps asking when Im going to rebuild. Like I said Im not one to bash the companies, I just like to know whats going on. I know the wait is worth it for the product as ive seen a few of the XP's in cars already. I know the quicker I get my alt in the car, the quicker I can bring my new build out to Riverside and show you guys the product in action. And even with my current setup I know Im just beating the crap out of my stock alt so its gonna be going out soon anyway..
  10. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    Any updates??
  11. RXdriver11

    So who can update me on my order?

    The wait is entering its 3rd month (since I paid) but there is a back story going on almost a year and a half, since I was first told I could place my order. The only reason I officially paid is because I was told they finally mocked up my alt. I am local so once I get a free day during the week im going to make the drive out there. The only thing I want is ..
  12. What crazykenkid said. Bi- amp allows you to power the tweets separate from the mids. Leave it off unless you plan to run 2 amps and do an active like setup.