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  1. I'm currently concidering the 327's when they come out, and looking at the specs of the 307's they probably can take a lot of power. Would it be adwiseable to use bi-amping, and will there be a possibility to get crossovers made for the tweeters and midrange separately? I noticed that the SEAS Lotus Reference kit has this as an option, and wonder how you guys at SI would look at this. In home audio bi-amping definitely makes a difference, so it might apply here as well.
  2. Jalla

    SI Computer Donation

    I got extensive experience on how useful disks in RAID are. 5 80 Gig disks in RAID 5 would be an optimum solution. Redundancy is essential, just imagine if the computer crashes and all the calculations and other stuff is lost. Lost 60GB of 3D animations that way and it sucked! Got a dedicated paypal account for hardware? If we chipped in a 10 or 20 each, SI`d have a killer system up and running in no time Or how about a supprter T-shirt "I pimp SI on hardware " for say, $35 - $40
  3. Will there be more components produced? I so much want to get my hands on the 327`s. If you still can make these it`d be great to receive them along with a T-shirt And as i understand, a lot of SI products are ordered from UK lately. Seems the Audi A2 with the Baz-box has caught attention
  4. Jalla

    Are the comps available yet?

    But there may be a line of comps when you get it all up and running again? Say, in the spring sometime-ish? I can wait, no problem
  5. Jalla

    IN SHOCK....

    Great news! Good to hear that you`ll be up and running again Hearing this made my day even better, gonna go wakeboarding with a big grin, looking forward to what SI can bring us in the future Hope all you guys at SI have a nice day!
  6. Someone at a norwegian forum actually said the 307 and 326 comps looked like a Morel Midbass and cheap peerless tweets. I female dogslapped him lightly. Anyone care to slap him some more? Damn what Ignorance! Why import Peerless from Denmark and resell it from the US? Peerless is ok, by all means, but nowhere like the 307 or 327`s I gather. Still pissed of at the damn thieves! Those fcukers ought to taste my semi-automatic shotgun loaded with buckshots! ARGH!
  7. Jalla

    IN SHOCK....

    I`m speachless! Really this makes me MAD as he||! I really hope that SI recovers from this terrible ordeal. I`ll keep my eyes open for suspicious woofage deals on the net as will many others. I hope the pieces of sh|t that did this caught and get what`s coming to them! Send them to prison to experience eternal gangrape!
  8. Jalla

    SI 327's vs RE XXX comps

    I think I'll let the IB idea rest for now, but hey, who knows what the future brings... I'll probably go for a X-over frequency at 80 Hz, using the amp for the comps and HU for the sub. Anyway my ears will fall off way before the comps fail from wattage absue I'm afraid. - Besides it's not nice to rape your system Having total controll on the other hand is never a bad idea P.S a pic of the comps in profile and of the X-over boards (apparently these are quite insane) would've been nice
  9. As the topic states; anyone heard both systems or have any opinions or educated guesses on these? No doubt th 327's are awesome, but I for one miss the specks, T/S params and such on them. Probably gonna go with the 327*s anyway though, pure SI all over Any advice on where to aim the mids in kickpanels, min. volume of the kicks and such?
  10. Jalla

    SI 327's vs RE XXX comps

    Hehe, I think I`ll manage to squeeze a good 0.28 before driver displacement. And if I stuff it ~50% full of sheep wool I`d get a fair bit of damping and increace of the volume as seen by the driver right? This is my firs kickpanel install, but I`ve done a fair bit of reading on the subject and think I can pull it off with some kind of style. Symmetry, symetry, symmetry and aiming, aiming, aiming hehe Sanding and polishing is a pain in the rear end, but needs to be done properly. And I think a black pearlescence paint would do the trick How does one install a kickpanel mounted driver IB? That one I`d like to explore some more.... Going to feed the 327`s 2x200 FTC W from a Planet Audio P-704. My boston pro 6.5 & 4.5 comps can`t handle that much, but I bet the 327`s will give it a fair run for the money
  11. Jalla

    SI 327's vs RE XXX comps

    Thanks alot guys 0,05 cubes is no prob. Nick; Expect an order for a 327 to be vikingized
  12. Jalla

    SI 327's vs RE XXX comps

    Not one of you audiophiles got a suggestion on this? Will the 327 be suited for a kick mounted mid and dash mounted tweeter? And whats the recommended volume for the mids?
  13. Jalla

    My kicks

    Nice work Bet the sound is right up there also. How would it sound if you had dash - mounted tweets? Not something you'd recommend? Or...?
  14. Jalla

    SPL shootout in mooresville

    How many amps does your alternator spew out 200A? 300? Bet this setup comes dang near (or whops) the english dude which has 4x15" RE XXX off of 2 TRU SH-1 in his ride Excursion pics from 4 15" D2's doing lotsa db's would be oh-so nice Bring a camera!
  15. Jalla

    302's (edit: 307's)

    After having read the links in this thread I suddenly feel I can manage to build me some decent kickpanels. Think I`ll stick to this method. Any opinions of why I should/shouldn`t use this method? The question that then arises is ofcource; If I go ahead and build kicks for a pair of 327`s, whats the optimum volume to install them in? Planning on building a test pair for my BA PRO 6.5 now and see how it works out, and if all is good I`ll just replace them with the 327`s. Tweeter mounted in A-pole or on dash ofcource. As for staging I plan to aim the elements at a point between the front seats, shoulder height. Any pointers on that?
  16. Jalla

    So you guys like 8"s huh :)

    Hehe, I know, takes a while Took 4 weeks and one day in my case, but that time was well spent on prepping the car and installing the rest of my system. I guess the ebayer used your turds to fertilize his lawn, hehe. I definitely see your point, but when you live in a country where they charge you $1470 for a JL12W7 a SI 12" D2 for a total cost of ~$390, shipping, taxes and all included is a sweet deal Without the Norwegian taxation I'd only be paying $277 of todays value in $. Taxations like these =
  17. Jalla

    302's (edit: 307's)

    But installing them in the doors or in the dash won`t mean they`ll sound bad at all I hope... Concidering to sell my Boston PRO 6.5 comps and throw in the 327. Guess they`ll go nicely along with the two SI 8" I`m also planning on buying. My SI 12" D2 feels so lonely without its family members, hehe Ought to be a good start for a decent system
  18. Jalla

    So you guys like 8"s huh :)

    Hey, use really snail-snailmail. USPS, hehe, I got my SI 12" D2 shipped all the way to Norway for ~$43. You
  19. Jalla

    Opinions needed.

    Hey, you dont curse in church, right? So don't utter the name of the unmentionable brand here please Gives me the jitters just reading the name, hehe As for shipping, mine arrived safe and sound here in Norway, 4.5 weeks after I ordered it. Best buy I've ever made. And you want 3 12"? Wohah! The one 12" I got just about manages to blur my vision off of 600W 0.03%THD when playing certain songs
  20. Jalla

    Someone is 21 TODAY!

    Happy Birthday! I've been sipping Hennessy XO all weekend to rid me of this damn cold so I can begin on a new rampage on my door install. Didn't get me anything though Any 'Shotgun Wedding' - factor from your bridesmaid encounter Tirefryr?
  21. Jalla

    No more "Magnum"s

    Well, as a Norwegian I can think of one or two other godlike names: Odin, the badass one-eyed top-god in norse mythology. Or the most hard hitting of them all; Tor. To go latin again; the NPL, where NPL stands for Non Plus Ultra, which roughly translated means No one besides, no one over. The last one pretty much sums up what the Mag stands for in my book
  22. Jalla

    Bull****! I got a ticket today.

    Suddenly I'm glad I've known two of the local cops from they were snotty little kids, hehe. I've got so much dirt on them I doubt they'll ever fine me over a minor thing. Never heard anyone who got fined for bumping music around here, and there are some serious SPL maniacs in the area. The reason is probably that too many controll freaks and misfits become cops...
  23. Jalla

    What if I could...

    If you hop on a bike and pedal there I can always row a boat across the Atlantic and race you for it
  24. Jalla

    Bi-amping components

    Thanks man. Allways nice to have the option And another ting off topic; are you planning to build a home audio sub?
  25. Jalla

    A little about us at SI

    Got to add my support to the wery fine people who made my thumper. Excelent service from the day I made contact is all I can say. And it's allways fun to pop my trunk and let people gaze at the Mag, come with a "Why didn't you buy RF" comment or som BS like that. Then I gently place them in the front seat and play some music with fast bass - transitions and kickdrums and watch as their jaw drop That entertainment is all thanks to Nicks hard work. Thanks again man!