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  1. C3Customs

    Bravox Audio Group Buy

    Yeah, the 3-way comp set is truly one of a kind. Amazing Build and Sound Quality! BTW Great Pictures Mark!
  2. C3Customs

    Bravox CS60CF Review

    Both Brad and I have 603CF's on the way. I cannot wait. Nice, look forward to the install pics & reviews. They are an amazing product!
  3. Debating between 2 or 4 more midbass speakers with my 3-way comps....decisions...

  4. C3Customs

    Stetsom 1k5h test

    These amps work very well in daily use applications as well as SPL applications
  5. Homemade chocolate cookies, make soft music that much more relaxing...

  6. C3Customs

    Bravox CS60CF Review

    What are your thoughts on the component set now?
  7. Humidity vs. rain. Summer life in southeast texas.

  8. 3 8's or 4 8's decisions...

  9. C3Customs

    Bravox CS60CF Review

    What kind of power are running to them? When you run active are going to use the factory crossover points?
  10. Stetsom 2k5E 2 ohm
  11. Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle! -Abraham Lincoln

  12. C3Customs

    Bravox CS60CF Review

    Great Review! Welcome to the Bravox Family!
  13. C3Customs

    Stetsom Vemon Line

    Venom 600.4 RMS @ 13.8V (2 ohms): 4x190 W RMS @ 13.8V (4 ohms): 4x140 W RMS @ 13.8V (4 ohms): 2x380 W RMS @ 12.6V (2 ohms): 4x150 W RMS @ 12.6V (4 ohms): 4x120 W RMS @ 12.6V (4 ohms): 2x300 W Dimensions: 40 x 240 x 230 mm Specs in Portuguese
  14. Age is guaranteed to those who live but it is wisdom that one must work to gain.