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  1. matthewkchalmers

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Need an HD VIDEO!!! lol
  2. matthewkchalmers

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    After reading alllllllllll 20 pages, what a read might I say. This thread made me laugh alot, have my jaw dropped alot, and make me sad alot, lol. I know I don't talk much on this forum (more of a reader, and my knowledge base is not as wide as some of yous on here lol but I am learning!) but this thread is def one of my favorites for the sole reason that my dad and myself never got along, for very dumb reasons. After we actually finally settled our likes (I know it sounds weird but we were so much alike we'd clash alot) little over 3 years ago, he took a buy out from fords and left his job there and finally when we started getting along he got diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease shortly after leaving his job at fords. Now he can't talk, walk, not even feed himself, pretty much bed ridden unless he's in his electric wheel chair, sucks not being able to do anything really with him. I would've loved doing something like this with him. Props to you sefugi, seriously, not every dad has this privilege and vise versa with your son.
  3. matthewkchalmers

    J.LFTN's Dual ZCON 18s on 4kW | New Box pg. 18

    After reading all these pages, all I have to say is wow, yum, and great job lol. Not bad at all for around 5 grand lol.
  4. matthewkchalmers

    xcon recone

    I don't believe you can.
  5. matthewkchalmers

    1997 honda accord build log

    Nice job man.
  6. matthewkchalmers

    So you think your system is big?

    Creating this has given you a guaranteed seat in Heaven, lol.
  7. matthewkchalmers

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    I cannot explain throughly enough on how much I wanna see a video. If I had the money I would fly myself down there for an hour just to hear this monster, lmao.
  8. matthewkchalmers

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    I can't explain how much I wanna see a video of this.
  9. matthewkchalmers

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    This is gonne be insane when it's finished.
  10. matthewkchalmers

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    Yeah been about 7 days from an update, lets gooo lol!
  11. matthewkchalmers

    Temporary Production Shutdown

    Get well soon man, hopefully it'll pass faster than expected.
  12. matthewkchalmers

    Mikey's Hummer H2 Build Log - 8 15's, 6th Order Bandpass

    keep up the good work.
  13. matthewkchalmers

    Mikey's Hummer H2 Build Log - 8 15's, 6th Order Bandpass

    x2, im tuned in.
  14. matthewkchalmers

    Exclusive MTX Factory Tour | SSA Style!

    Would be pretty cool to have a tour of that factory in person. That huge mother of a sub is a beautiful creation lol. Video of demo Mark? lol
  15. matthewkchalmers

    2~15" Icon's Build

    waiting...... X2