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    first time competition

    first time in a usaci competition in Minot, ND. scored a 147.0 in Streetbeat 3 and a 149.4 @ 33hz in Super Modified. Outlaw scoring.
  2. I have for sale: 1 Sundown SAZ-3500D v2 $650 +shipping 2 15" Memphis MOJO M3 motors with PSI soft parts/baskets.(1800w RMS each) $225 each/$400 both +shipping 2 XS Power XP3000 Batteries $225 each/$400 both +shipping I can also do local pickup and can drive some depending on distance SAZ-3500D v2 great shape no damage at all except small nicks where its been mounted PSI MOJOs motors are older orange basket M3s have scratching on bottom. soft parts in good shape. XP3000s have post terminals for both. also have 556 multi top post adapters if desired.
  3. its not an alternative to a battery its a different item for a different usage.
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    New veteran!!

  5. On3Hundr3dProof

    port location?

    I'm looking into building a new box and was wondering if there were any suggestions on the port's location. Its an extended cab truck and the subs and port will be upfiring with subs inverted. When competing it will most likely be USACI outlaw scoring with drivers door open. Would it be better to put the port on the passenger side, driver side, or center of the box?
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    That good sir...is massive..
  7. Caps are worthless. I would say an h/o alt is a good way to go. What load are your subs wired to?
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    Ethos on low power?

    The speed of the reply for this answer, the extremely extensive amount of information about your product, and the honesty without being greedy and suggesting more product is a valuable and refreshing thing to see in this market.
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    Ethos on low power?

    I'm think of running some Ethos subs in my truck. I have about 8~ cu ft to play with and an SAZ-3500v2 for power. Would running 4 12s on that amount of power be a waste versus just running 2 15s or would there be anything to gain?
  10. On3Hundr3dProof

    Ethos on low power?

    Thats kinda what I was thinking but I don't know if the increase in cone area will be offset by anything else using the same amount of power. I understand RMS is just a rating of what it can handle thermally and not saying that it needs that much power, but will around 800-900 watts a piece drive them fully in about 2-2.25 cuft a piece. Sorry posted this before seeing Q's response. Thanks!
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    DEEP DEEP competitor discounts

    This is amazing! You keep doing more things that make me want to use these in my build. Its getting to be almost a one-sided decision.
  12. Soundstream nano? 260x1 @4ohm, 450x1 @ 2ohm. 4.75"x1.5"x8" https://www.woofersetc.com/p-10879-pn1450d-soundstream-monoblock-450w-class-d-picasso-series-nano-amplifier.aspx
  13. Exactly what I was going to say! I would get another agm if you can at the time you could use as a secondary batt after the warranty work is done.
  14. On3Hundr3dProof

    death row

    Might be a typo.The old line was rated at 1k. When you go to IA subs category in SSA it shows the Death Rows as a 1500 RMS series.
  15. On3Hundr3dProof

    "Primo" subwoofer updated with heat ring

    Any info on a price range at the current time?
  16. On3Hundr3dProof

    (4) 12" Ported Enclosure

    Oh. Figured it was gonna be a diy thing.
  17. On3Hundr3dProof

    (4) 12" Ported Enclosure

    Just because of the clutch?
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    Happy 28th to Justin (djjdnap)

    Happy Birthday!
  19. Wish I could go compete and see some sweet setups but thats too far for me to go
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    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    gotta shave everyday in the military...boo...
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    Subwoofer Decisions

    Have you given any thought to the Ethos?
  22. I've been itching to do something with plexiglass just not sure where to use it in my build. Great vid!
  23. On3Hundr3dProof

    Car Audio Meme Thread

    Figured it would be fun to start a meme thread