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    sub/amp combo help

    If you're willing to buy used, you could probably get yourself a pair of AQ HDC3's and an AQ3500D.1. A pair of DC Level 4's and Sundown SAZ2500.1 wouldn't be out of the question either...
  2. misfit138

    rl-p 18

    From what I hear, we won't be seeing new RL-P subs in stock anytime soon....if ever. I've heard quite a bit about the "production woes", and to the best of my understanding the problem is more than just a little bit serious. I honestly hope they get something worked out, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Now that I've researched the RL-Ps, I want a pair of the 18"s more than ever...
  3. misfit138


    I haven't been able to access the website for quite a while. Is there a greater problem, or is the website simply under construction?
  4. misfit138


    I hope you guys get your production troubles sorted out. I want a couple RL-p18's...
  5. misfit138


    I'd just like to see more coil options for the current subs.
  6. misfit138


    I was actually afraid that maybe they'd went under or something. Surely that isn't the case, right?