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  1. Pffft......nevermind, no sense in going now. Just kidding. I know...right??? Remember that was official...unofficially, don't get caught (except the weapons...we're make love not war kinda hippies around here) Think party cups! lol
  2. I'd love to help you with that question, but I honestly have no clue. This is the best I can do: Slamology - DB Drag Racing Rules and Classes Anybody have any suggestions for him?
  3. One of the drift cars was my dad! lol
  4. hello, welcome to SSA! In fact, I do have a question.... is there any restrictions that we should be aware of as far as bringing our canopy tents, grill, coolers, grub, lawn chairs, games( corn hole), etc. ? Bring your Ez-ups, grills, coolers, food, chairs, whatever else....but alcohol is officially banned, as are glass bottles (and weapons). However, we recommend party cups. Got me, right?
  5. Hey everybody! It's Brandy at Slamology. I'm glad some of you are making the trip....let me know if you have any questions! Can't wait to meet ya!!!