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    i love car audio and just about anything to do with it, started off a real system consisting of three jl tens and a 600 watt amp in a ported box, i've gone thru the tens, three rockford ps 12's on a 1,000 watt memphis PR amp, then two 2 ohm rockford p2s bridged in a ported box running off a kicker zx 750.1, now a FI Q 12 in a ported box, tuned low as balls to about 28 hz lol, running off a sundown 1500 saz. wired in series tho since amps only getting 4 ga. to it. once i have zero ga. running to it i'll wire in parrallel so it's at bout .5 ohm load. hoping for a q 18 sometime soon.
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    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    when u buy new white t shirts and plain white underwear to go have FI and Sundown airbrushed all over em