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  1. Robert.Metzel

    How Do You Listen To Your Music?

    80gb iPod Classic, rear usb, iPod in the glovebox. Kenwood KDC-X794
  2. yup. 1200 rms would be sqrt of 1200. sqrt (1200rms x 1 ohm) = 34.64 your dmm should read to xx.xx though. so you can nail 1200 on the head if you want. You don't have to run 1200 though. your sub is rated at 800 rms.
  3. You use the dmm to set the gains by turning them to the voltage you are looking for. See this: Setting gains
  4. The knob doesn't seem to do anything after a few clicks, but it does. If you play a tone while the dmm is hooked up you will see the voltage increase or decrease depending on how you turn it. It maxes at what the amps gain voltage is set at. I think mine goes from like 14 volts at min to 44 volts at max, Which of course is where I set the gain at for max voltage. Im thinking its not as audible do to sensory overload. I can hear a difference in mine but only on certain songs.
  5. Robert.Metzel

    Choosing a HU

    Cant comment on the screens but I only ran pioneer hu's for years. Then I got a kenwood. Haven't looked back since. better eq's, better d/a converter, more xover controls, time alignment, higher preouts, etc....
  6. Robert.Metzel

    Choosing a HU

    I'd take the Kenwood. 13 band eq vs. 7 on the pioneer. Plus 90% of the stuff on the pioneer is visual junk. Kenwood has far more functionality.
  7. Robert.Metzel

    Day 42

    I like the "secret society" that has a public website. lol
  8. Robert.Metzel

    09 silverado crewcab LT IAK worktruck THE REMIX

    Looking good man! Love the wheels on that truck too!
  9. Robert.Metzel

    Sub woofer cone area chart

    Its not on the money but it does show how to get the most bang for your buck. So the numbers would just be a bit smaller if measured properly, but 1-18 should always have more cone area then 2 -12's for example; and this is what it shows. Its a generalized chart for comparisons.
  10. Robert.Metzel

    trunk vs SUV.

    I wish I could edit it to "Welcome to over 2 years ago" lol
  11. Got it! Thanks again! Not sure when I'm going to install it. Reconing to 15's so my cargo area is gonna completely change.
  12. Ok, so Highs settings are correct. 12db-24db based on sound Mids, Channels set to Full. HPF at 80 and LPF at 3000 but still set the SSF to 80? I don't understand what you mean? I get that they were reversed. I don't understand this: "high pass filter at 80 hz, lowpass at 3000. For those you use the subsonic as the highpass filter at 80 hz. You can't use both the regular lpf and hpf at the same time." Are you talking about running the fronts at HPF setting at 3000hz and rears at HPF setting too? Then just using the SSF for the 80hz crossover point? I thought the full switch setting was so you could use both HPF and LPF at the same time? So confused right now. lol Highs set by ear. What about power to the mids though? Just slowly turn the gain up until I hear distortion then back it off? Picture of amp so I can actual look at it while I read and understand: Highs ch 1/2 - Mids ch 3/4
  13. Never ran active in my life so I have some questions Amp is a SAX-100.4 Comps are the Cresendo CCX65. They are rated at 100 rms a side. Doing this passive is easy, but I am wondering how to split the power levels between the mids and the high's. 50/50? 75/25? Or even 99/1? (heard the tweeters are kinda bright lol) When setting gains if I want say 75 watts on the rear channels I'd play 1000hz test tone. Hook the dmm to 1 rear channel and turn the gain till the dmm reads 17.32 volts correct? So that should be 75 watts per channel. ( 4 ohm load ) I plan on crossing the mids and highs at 3000hz, so should I still use the 1000hz test for setting the gains on the highs respective channels? If not what tone for the highs? Crossover settings: Fronts: (highs) Set to HPF. So would I set the hp filter to 300hz and use the x10 correct. Subsonic filter at the same 300hz setting? And 12db or 24 db for this cross? Rears: (mids) Set to full. I wanna cross at 80hz so LPF set to 80hz. HP set to 300hz x10. 12db fall off, subsonic set at 80hz? Setting correct? After that its just a lot of fine tuning to get it where everything flows well and sounds good. Any good songs for this or even test tracks? Ok gurus, go to work! Thanks for the knowledge in advance.
  14. Robert.Metzel

    Sa-8 Questions

    What happened to not liking the high tuning? You said you didn't like 34hz then went with 36hz. What made you change your mind? And where is a video!
  15. Robert.Metzel

    From SA-8 to SA-15

    For daily the 15 should get louder then an 8 due to cone area alone. Like stated above, you can't compare an spl setup against a daily setup. If you want loud and some flex get the 15. But no way are you gonna get a 150 out of it in a daily setup. Not even close to a 150. For a high spl daily setup check out BanginGmc's setup. 2 15's, 2 strapped Sundown 3500's, 5 batteries total, and a HO alt. All in a small Pickup truck and he is doing 153.x or something like that. That setup to reach those numbers cost more then my setup and Explorer are worth combined. Sealed he did a 150.8 at the windshield..... in a TINY cab. Hope that helps put things into perspective for you.