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  1. Bob345

    Newbie wants to buy a Fi sub!

    the q is a pretty solid sub, and they sound amazing, but i would deffinitly think about giving it more power.
  2. Bob345

    help identify the sub

    Yep, deffinitly a mayhem
  3. Thats definitely an ssd. Not a btl in any way. Good sub but I just hope you didnt pay to much for it.
  4. Those subs are about as different as you can get. But if I had to choose, o would go with fi. Remember you can't buy recones for kickers.
  5. Looks pretty sweet I think
  6. Bob345

    Rockford t15k

    Iirc, these things cost over 20k new
  7. Bob345

    Crossover Placement

    Ya 12 gauge is prety big for your front stage. I have always used 15 gauge in my install and it works great.
  8. Bob345

    SA-8 v.2 Pre-Order Updates

    My friend just got his today. We free airs in on 250 watts. These 8"s are deffinitly some of the best out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuHXEKW1DPs
  9. Bob345

    Crossover Placement

    I would keep the xovers as close to the speakesrs as you can get because a change in impedance will change the xover points.
  10. Wow I just realized I have been buying 1/0 lugs off this site for a good amount of time and haven't ever taken the rime to look at their wire. Those prices are great!
  11. Damn that's a good price. I might order a few feet to mess around with. Great find!
  12. Bob345

    Rebuild time,12 18" death rows

    That thing will be crazy!
  13. Bob345

    Sound Noob - open for suggestions

    Try the fi q. You would probably like it
  14. Bob345

    Made myself a battery terminal

    made another one!
  15. That's just crazy that they guy actually paid for that