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    Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    Chris, I have to ask, I'm looking at this subwoofer but I need your opinion on if they're ripping me off... http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=33 Here is a pic...
  2. An-i-no

    Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    What is a good answer? You want somebody to agree and say that Fi is ripping people off? Shit well if that's the case then DD is gettin you up the ass with no lube. If you want to attack one company because of their pricing (the CHEAPEST company...cmon now) then you have to attack them all equally. If you dont like Fi Car Audio anymore, I'm sure your business will be welcome at Digital Designs. They have plenty of Neo for WAY MORE MONEY. EDIT: Where's your price sheet to prove us all wrong homie?
  3. An-i-no

    bl or ssd?

    This. Honestly, I never understood how people can run all kinds of power on a stock electrical system and just watch their voltage drop down to 12, 11, even 10. Shit when I drop into the low 13's I get nervous. When it gets bad, turn the volume down. I have a buddy that just watches his lights dim and rpm drop. It would make me sick to my stomach to know my equipment was slowing going down the drain. To the OP, as long as you have a way of monitoring your voltage (and I hope you're smart enough to lower the volume when you see low numbers) then I don't see a problem.
  4. An-i-no

    Bc2k problems

    I keep turning my bass up on the stock stereo trying to get some kick out of it. Lol I even considered buying a cheap amp just to run in the mean time. I had the same feeling when I was addicted to heroine--I feel your pain. Apparently drugs mess up your spelling as well. Heroic women are very addictive...Gotta love a chick that can save the day.
  5. Kickin it into gear I see.
  6. Lol. I asked because...why would he ask someone with the screen name 16K who has Soundigital in his sig who ALSO has a build log posted where he shows the amp...So make sure you know what's goin on before you assume that I'm just post dumping.
  7. nope my statement stands.... curious what personal experience do you have? Have you ever used one? Or stetsom for that matter? I've seen you pushing both products but never knew you to run any of them? Not starting a pissing match...just asking. Are you talking to DreDay or 16k? Cuz...his name is 16k lol...
  8. An-i-no

    Fi N3 PRICES!!!!!???????

    First off...you seem like a genuine Fi fan, which is cool, but at the same time you seem like you REALLY don't like Fi. Which is it? I've never seen either Nick or Scott boast their product over another company's product unless directly asked "which subwoofer is better" in which case they reply with the FEATURES of their sub, not downtalking the other sub. I'm not sure why you think that the guys at Fi think they're better than anyone else. Secondly...the price of neo has more than MULTIPLIED BY FIVE, and you're complaining cuz the price ALMOST doubled? Are you serious? They're making less and less money off of each sub and you're upset? I ask you this question, as a serious question.? What do you want them to do? Make less and less money until they go out of business? Just so you can feel better? Look around bro...look at DD prices, look at DC prices. Not Team prices either, because you're not looking at the Team price for the N3. If you feel that Fi is trying to steal from you then just buy a sub from a different company and be happy. EDIT: And if you think people are getting rich off of building subwoofers.....then nothing we say will change your mind.
  9. That Picasso is entry level Soundstream. I'd rather you go for a Rubicon at least. You know I want you to get the BK1800.1D The HFi and the ZRX are the same amp.
  10. An-i-no

    Looking for new 12" sub

    Damn. Hard life.
  11. It's VERY LOUD in Florida Is that why they all require 64 mids and 18 tweeters per door in their systems? Is that the cause of the loudness or the effect of the loudness? Maybe it's self-perpetuating lol
  12. In a perfect world, the batteries would be the same. The reason for this is that batteries rest at different voltages and the one with the higher resting voltage will charge the other one until they equal out. This can cause the one with the higher resting voltage to die sooner especially if the voltages are way off (like one at 12.2 and another at 12.9). The good part is...that most people don't leave their cars off long enough for the charges to fully equalize (like if you drive it every day, you should be good to go) but it can still shorten the life of your batteries. If you DON'T drive the car every day I would NOT recommend running two different batteries because one will go bad. You can use a battery isolator but I'm not sure how reliable those are. Just google "battery isolator" and read up. Oh and try not to mix Wet Cell and Dry cell because they usually have different resting voltages and wet cell batteries do NOT like to be deeply discharged and charged back up. They will go bad very fast. And then, when the wet cell goes bad, the dry cell will try to charge it until it dies too and you just lost 2 batteries. EDIT: and Bigjon ninja's me with the quick answer lol
  13. An-i-no

    Website Relaunch Sale!

    Didn't get to catch this deal because I ordered the B-stock but my order was shipped same day on a SATURDAY! You have a new customer. Just gotta get some more funds together.
  14. I don't mean to be an ass but you still have to: Run 3 sets of RCA's Run speaker wires Run power wire Run Remote wire The only place I see that's simpler is that you don't have to use a distribution block to split the power wire and you only run one remote wire but those are easy to do. Finding a 5 channel with a 1000w sub channel is much harder and probably more expensive.
  15. Definitely over the HFI series, I haven't tried the Brutus but I would be willing to put the Precision Power above those too. The Hifi I had was very light and felt like a dollar store toy lol. The trim is plastic too. The P.P. amp is solid as a rock and heavy. Not to mention super cool looking in person. The top is brushed aluminum and looks great with the copper contrast.
  16. Try this out and review it for us. I have the 4 channel and it's VERY solid. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_43838_Precision-Power-BK1800.1D.html
  17. An-i-no

    Rockford vs mayhem or zcon

    This. You will melt that amp at .5 no matter what you do.
  18. An-i-no

    98 grand cherokee sub and port position

    Sub up port back is generally successful in SUV's.
  19. An-i-no

    aN-i-No's Summer rebuild!

    Alrighty...I think I've got enough goodies to show off now. It's not at all close to being finished though but it is what it is. With that said, here we go! Head Unit - Kenwood KDC-X794 (May end up being a Pioneer DEH-80PRS) Mids & Highs Amps - 2x Precision Power Black Ice BK800.4 Mono Amp - Crescendo Audio BC2000D Front Stage - Undecided (Currently Phoenix Gold RSD65cs but will be replaced) Rear Fill - 2x Pioneer TS-A1604C Subwoofer - Sound Solutions Audio ZCON 18D2 Wiring - About $300 worth of Knu CCA and accessories Electrical - Stock alt but will have a couple of batts to support the 2K. ON TO THE PICTURES! Compared to my pretty small hand And my SA-12's compared to the same hand LOL Compared to my iPod Classic You probably already know what this is... But If you didn't! Pics of my rear fill, they're hella nice for what I paid for them. Nice tweets as well Both Sets
  20. An-i-no

    Leviathan question

    Might not be a significant enough change to be noticeable...Whereas the v3 is more of a "complete redesign" y'know? Kinda like with car manufacturers where '09 to '10 is almost identical but the '11 is a new model?
  21. It's VERY LOUD in Florida...I heard. J/k I'm being an ass lol.
  22. An-i-no

    aN-i-No's Summer rebuild!

    Yes sir I'm doing both upper and lower ball joints at the same time. As you can see in that pic the sway bar links are brand new (that's what I was changing when I was checking it all out). I might bite the bullet and replace the tie rod ends while I'm down there. You know you wanna try out a pair of Zcon 15's! Oh and I'm in Waco about 2 hrs south of Dallas and 3 north of San Antonio.
  23. That's pretty damn good. In perfect working condition I hope.
  24. Oh yeah, Bigjon, you're in San Marcos huh? I almost forgot.