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  1. Have you seen the new Ingenix units? They aren't your average flea market double din
  2. An-i-no

    Recone Fully Loaded BL's

    Look up a recone process on youtube. It's not very hard at all. I mean...if you can change a tire, or your oil, or install a system you should be able to recone a sub.
  3. An-i-no

    fi new basket

    Pictures please!
  4. Buy a smaller amp....problem solved. What awful thing will happen if you have 1500w instead of 3000?
  5. An-i-no

    Zcon box

    LMFAO I went back and reread to see if he had 2 15's because of the sizes they were suggesting
  6. An-i-no

    Components and amp questions

    Yes. A 5.25 is unable to get loud enough to meet your goals.
  7. An-i-no

    Power Handling Fi BTL 18 fully loaded "daily"

    Try it. It'll tell you when it's about to blow up. It'll be extremely hot, sound like ass, stink like burning plastic, and smoke. So if you notice any of those then turn the volume down.
  8. An-i-no

    How terrible would it sound, if...

    The best advice ever. You don't need our approval. Trial and error is the best teacher.
  9. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_17785_Boston-Acoustics-GT-2125.html A steal for what it is.
  10. An-i-no

    High Power SSA Driver

    *Looks at the price of an N3*
  11. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    What are the advantages of running 1 8" mid versus running 2 6.5" mids up front? I'm looking for clarity, loudness, and width (of the stage I guess? I don't really listen to much that requires great staging). I can do the work to fit the 8 behind the panel but it will be up high. If I do 2 6.5's then one will be in the door and one in the kick. One 6.5 isn't giving me the volume I need...well it is, but only when it's crossed at 120+hz which sucks. Doors will treated and sealed minimally (Not keeping the vehicle for long.) Right now I'm not looking at any drivers in particular. I'd rather use passive sets (using only one tweet) because I don't have good enough x/o's. I have basic EQ and Time Alignment to work with though. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Goals are to be loud(er) and have decent output to ~70hz. I have ~125w per driver/comp set to use. Don't want Pro Audio anything.
  12. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    What I use would depend on installation location, goals, and compromises. For your situation I wouldn't. That'd be easier to fix....and I don't mean by using the Carbon mids. I'm a little lost here. Besides raising the LPF on my subs, what can I do as far as driver selection?
  13. An-i-no

    new X series sub

    When the SP4's came out they literally just showed up on the website one day. No news, no buildup, no hype. They just appeared out of nowhere. That's how Fi is. They don't talk about stuff. They just build it and sell it.
  14. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    What PA mids would (or do) you use? And I know I lack the processing, that's why I'm shying away from an active setup. Processors are $$$$$ and active capable H/U's that work well with my iPod (that aren't named DEH-80PRS) are hard to find. Eh...my subs don't play bass guitars very well. I wish Ascendant Audio was still making their Carbon mids...
  15. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    For reference....these are the types of songs I judge my system by. I don't expect bass-heavy rap songs to blow my mind with detail and clarity lol. This is what I mean when I say Hip-hop
  16. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    Where? I saw 3-way SQ oriented active setups which is not what I'm trying to do, I saw PA mids+supertweeter setups which is also not what I'm after, and I saw 2-way SQ oriented setups which...you guessed it. Oh and of course there were "fill the door panel up with mids" which is DEFINITELY not what I'm after and a million simple $200 passive set + deadener installs. I drew ideas from them yes, but I don't see where anyone did what I'm trying to do and the pros and cons of it. Actually I have on youtube but I kinda disregard those reviews. I believe you. I don't want to try.
  17. An-i-no

    2 6.5" vs 1 8"

    It certainly depends on your goals. The thing about running two different speakers playing the same frequency is that you will have cancellation and timing issues. I'm about to go deep thought process so bear with me. I don't want pro's because I don't like having a hole in my frequency response AND I don't like my subs to play above ~70hz, so I need something that's not wimpy in that area. I have two sets of (really f-ing cheap) Pioneer comps up front now and it doesn't sound...awful. They sound like poo poo below about 100hz but that's because the door is untreated and I have them on almost triple rated power. With that said...I don't know if an 8" is for me. I hear all the time that two sets up front is not optimal but I have two sh!tty sets now and I kinda like it. Granted I've never heard a die hard SQ setup but I don't listen to SQ-y music so I don't think that affects me much. When I'm in the car I listen to rap, rap, hip-hop, and then some rap lol, (I listen to other things at home on my Grado's though) so all I'm looking for is loudness and warmth. All the sets I've had so far have been bright and shrill and I'm trying to get away from that. Also...like I said already I do have active-capable crossovers on my amps BUT I don't want to run back and forth to adjust the xo frequency (and have to guess at it). 8" comp sets are a bitch to find, and most 8"s that aren't PA are midBASSes rather than the typical double duty car audio mid. I know I sound biased as hell and it may seem like I'm set on two sets of 6.5's up front and I apologize. I appreciate everyone's time.
  18. An-i-no

    when it rains...it pours

    Yes they do. Great CS if you don't know what you need and fast shipping for when you do.
  19. An-i-no

    when it rains...it pours

    Drop it like a bad habit...or start planning to. I'm in a similar situation (low mileage car having high mileage problems)
  20. An-i-no

    So, I heard Skar can handle some power...

    If they were Sundown E-12's I bet they wouldn't be garbage...lmao. The woofers are fine. Don't feel obligated to run a ton of power on them if you don't feel comfortable doing it (if you did....you probably wouldnt have made this thread...)
  21. Try it. If it can't do it it'll protect before it explodes lol
  22. An-i-no

    Have the X series subs been discontinued?

    ^^^ This in case people missed the post.
  23. An-i-no

    Fi btl 15" fully loaded power handling

    Honestly bro, there's nothing wrong with that amp at all. You might want to go a little easy on the BL though. No one here can tell you exactly how to set it up, but what you should do is set it up like you would set any other amp, but pay very close attention to the sub. Check to see if the dust cap is warm or hot (warm is just fine. hot is not). Listen for signs of stress (bottoming out, funny noises). If the sub isn't overheating and isn't moving too much then it's fine. If it is, then adjust your settings.
  24. An-i-no

    Breakthrough in Innovative Car Audio Protection

    Hmm....I like it as an upgrade. Simply because the people who won't need it don't have to pay for it.