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    2 12" 187's - Questions

    I am currently sub-shopping for my birthday (early July), and have my eyes set on a pair of 187's. I have a few questions. 1. Is a port tuned to 45hz too high? I have zero experience with box building and found a fairly cheap prefab tuned to such (lol don't bash me too much) 2. Can these take 500rms daily? 3. I was gonna buy mine off of some site called Vertex.com, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with them? 4. I had my heart set on two RF P3's (lol again, don't bash me too much). I noticed they have a larger voice coil than 187's. Should this be a concern? 5. Last one, I promise. How toughly built are these subs? Cuz I live in Texas and it gets HOT, and I don't want any thing goin wrong b/c of it. What's the best way to protect a sub? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. An-i-no

    2 12" 187's - Questions

    Lol you guys have me counting down days now. Thanks everyone. Now I know what to expect!
  3. An-i-no

    2 12" 187's - Questions

    Thanks guys. A few more follow-up questions....if you don't mind... Does anyone know where I could get a box built for under say...90 bucks? Or someone on here that'll do it? Cause I'm straight when it comes to building boxes. To the two of you that own them (thanks for the pics btw, way to get me pumped lol), do they like low notes? I have a pair of 12"s now that just don't hit lows, (I suspect the crappy box their in) and I would really like something to show off "Hypnotized" with, if you catch my drift.