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  1. An-i-no

    BC2000D doa?

    If your box is tuned to ~30hz. Otherwise the SSF on the Rockford is useless.
  2. An-i-no

    Sub less system.

    Get a 10"? And Rick ninja's the shit out of me lol
  3. An-i-no

    For sale 2 zcon 12's D2's

    Dammmmmmmit. Are you set on 15's? I have an 18" Zcon I would love to trade for something smaller.
  4. An-i-no

    Newbie wants to buy a Fi sub!

    The sub will come with gasket, so you won't need one. As for placement, you will have to test that out (unless someone here has experience with a Fusion?).
  5. An-i-no

    1 jl w7 10 & jl 500/1 vid.

    dafuq! It's private....
  6. An-i-no

    Nick not working at Fi anymore?

    lol drama!!!
  7. An-i-no

    ZCON Carbon Fiber Option | Now Available

    What are we comparing it to?
  8. An-i-no

    ZCON Carbon Fiber Option | Now Available

    We are working out the details, and are unsure if we are willing to sell just the caps without our logo on them. Oh I WANT the logo lol. But I already have a Zcon.
  9. An-i-no

    BC2000D doa?

    I have a BC2K and I love it...so I say hold out a little longer. Navid and Jon will do you good.
  10. An-i-no

    ZCON Carbon Fiber Option | Now Available

    Can we get just a cap?
  11. Because they can? If his subs can handle the power and his electrical setup can provide the power then there is nothing wrong with running more power than...whatever random number you wanna pick. Hey...I learned how install an amp on youtube. I learned what the Big 3 is, I learned how to install a head unit...all kinds of things I'm probably forgetting. You have to look in the right places. I'd still be rocking my Duals & my Lanzar amp if not for youtube lol
  12. They both have to much power for a daily driver. Lawl...and why is that?
  13. I have a brand new set of VIBE Audio SPACE3D midrange+Tweet setup (THERE IS NO 6.5 INCLUDED IN THIS SET. ONLY THE MIDRANGE AND TWEETER ARE INCLUDED) that I was going to use, but I'm changing vehicles so it won't work. I only tested both sides to make sure they work and they both do. I paid 89.99 and you can have them for $65 plus shipping to your door. I bought them from http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_31677_VIBE-Audio-SPACE-3D.html. I also have a pair of Rockford Fosgate T1692 6x9's. There were under the back seats of my car and were only used for a few shows that I went to. I took them out after barely using them for two months and they've been sitting ever since. One grill has a dent and two spots where the paint flaked off because I dropped it (just the grill, not one of the speakers). They look, smell, and perform as brand new. Ill let them go for 75+ shipping. Here is all the info http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_19509_Rockford-Fosgate-Power-T1692.html?SearchClickout%5Bquery_id%5D=11771181&SearchClickout%5BIgnore%5D=1 PIC OF THE DENTED/SCRATCHED GRILL If you want something PM me! I may be able to go a little lower considering I'm not using any of this stuff. Thanks for looking!
  14. An-i-no

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    They must take 9k all day.....lol
  15. An-i-no

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    What I think he meant was....the SA is a proven design. It holds it's own in the SPL world and it holds it's own in daily installs. It has repeatedly been proven to not burst into flames in situations where it's specs say it should. Whether that's a product of it's design or a product of marketing is... irrelevant really, considering it's price. There are hundreds of people who are satisfied with the SA series so to count it out with something as simple as "Oh, the GCON has 3 inch coil, it'll take more power" is ridiculous. There are some subs out there with 4" coils...does that mean they automatically take more power than anything with a 3" coil? Nope. EDIT: And I'm not downing the GCON in any way. I'm just saying that coil size alone is not enough to make one woofer better than another.
  16. An-i-no

    Big problem (maybe)

    Turn your subsonic up or don't play them as hard below tuning. They should last as long as you don't reach or exceed xmax.
  17. I have an Audiopipe AQX-1800d in GREAT condition. I paid 226 and they go for over 250 on eBay but you can get it for 175+ shipping to your door. It will ship in the original box with both the bass knob and knob cable. It has a tiny scuff on the silver pipe on the top of the amp but is flawless other than that. It's the best amp I've ever owned and withstood the hottest summer in Central Texas history without protecting once. It beat the hell out of my Sundown SA-12's. Pics of the scuff Bass Knob Everything
  18. An-i-no

    FS: Audiopipe AQX-1800d: 175+ shipping

    Moar bumpage
  19. An-i-no

    2 12's or 1 15?

    http://www.soundsolu...d-175-shipping/ YES, it's an Audiopipe, but it really is a great amp. It's been durable, efficient, and it powered my SA-12's really nicely. EDIT: It is NOT the AP series. It's the next one up, the AQX. They're going for like 260 on eBay.
  20. An-i-no

    2 12's or 1 15?

    buy mine!
  21. An-i-no

    2 12's or 1 15?

    *has a nice but affordable amp for sale* I say you get a new amp....but I'm biased lololol