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  1. Sup.

    375 shipped. Lower 48 ONLY







    Crescendo Audio C1100.4


    180x4 @ 4ohm

    300x4 @ 2ohm

    600x2 @ 4ohm Bridged



    It's brand spanking new, just came in today. I'm very very against installing it, being that the guys at Crescendo personally tested it for me before shipping it out (it was a warranty return and it literally says tested for [my name] on xx/xx)But if it is DOA I'll refund you.




  2. Unless your talking below 25 hz who cares, a good ported enclosure will smash any sealed setup in the 25-40hz range. If you listen to a lot of rock then go sealed but for lows a sealed setup just can't compete.


    Because 25 to 40hz is all that matters, right? 

    Unless you like your subs crossed at 80hz+ (which to me sounds god awful) then 25-40hz is like 90% of what a sub should be doing.

  3. I sent my C1100.4 in on April 19th, RMA #JKC11041513. 


    I called on May 1st, and was told that you guys had received it and that it was waiting to be benched.


    I called on May 8th, was told that they had benched it, and were having issues resolving the problem. I was also told that if they could not resolve the issue (channel separation) by the end of the week (I'm assuming that's Friday) that I would be sent a replacement.


    I called on May 14th, no answer, so I left a message.


    I called on May 21st, no answer, but I did not leave a message.


    I called on May 22nd, no answer, so I left another message.


    I also filled out a support ticket on May 22nd. I have not yet received a response.


    For some dumb reason, I forgot it was Sunday and called today. I didn't leave a message because I felt dumb.


    I really need my amp, or a replacement amp, or a refund.

    But first I need to talk to someone that's not an answering machine. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sup. 

    I bought this nice equalizer for like 110 bucks. Except it doesn't effing fit in my dash....................so If you give me 70 bucks I'll mail it to you. It's pretty much brand new. I've only used it for like an hour at the most.


    I mounted it using some neato double sided tape....but I don't know if I can get all of it off, so if you buy it, know that it may come with some glue residue. You won't be able to see any of it once you install it though. If you're interested, LMK! You can save this from the pawn shop!



    It's one of those. It looks like this:


  5. Where are you mounting the tweeters and why are you looking at horn loaded tweeters?


    I think there are probably a lot better options out there for you.

    If I can go small format then high on the door slightly off axis. If I have to go large (which is what will probably happen) then low in the door on axis


    I was looking at the horn loaded drivers because....they play low and I can fit them a lot easier than I can a traditional large format. The added efficiency was just a bonus.

    Cant say I an think of any scenario where those two tweeters you listed would be suitable for car audio.


    Check out http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/scanspeak-soft-dome-tweeters/scanspeak-illuminator-d2004/6020-00-tweeter/

    What are the trade offs of the horn-loaded drivers? Besides the dip in response when placed off axis.


    And whooooo....those are $$$.

  6. So. I'm looking for a tweeter that can play pretty low (~2k and up) and I came across these and from the specs they seem to do what I want them to. They're also easier to mount than a traditional large-format tweeter. So yeah.


    I have these http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-8-woofers/silver-flute-w20rc38-04-ohm-8-wool-cone/ Off axis in the doors. I like them. I couldn't really tell you why except to say that they play down to ~60hz and sound nice doing it. I know I can't cross them over very high though.


    So out of these two, which would work better. 



    Is the higher cost of the Morel justified? I can't find anything but positive reviews of the Morel and absolutely nothing about the Audax...



    Thanks in advance.

  7. This is one of the 18's from Lance's Yukon. I picked it up with the intentions of using it and was never able to and I need to get rid of it now haha.


    It is in great condition with just a few chips in the ferrite part of the motor and a small nick in the spider. It plays fine though.


    I'll take 410 shipped or 350+ shipping to you, whichever is less. If you're local to 76708 (Waco, TX) I'll take 325 just to save the hassle of shipping.

    On to the pics




    Small nick in the spider. Nothing big.



    I will take trades for a Crescendo BC2000d if we split shipping on the Zcon or a Zcon/Mayhem/BTL N2 12". I will also take a pair of Xcons or Icons + Cash.

    If you have any other trades just ask me.

    Let me know!

  8. Sup.


    I had these in the doors of my Explorer. The drivers side was hit by another car and slightly (very slightly) damaged one of the mids. The basket is a little bent and the mounting hole cracked. I fixed the crack with some JB weld and bent the basket back into place as best I could. It still plays and sits 90% flush (but if you torque it down it won't leak at all.) The other mid is in great shape.





    Pics of Damage



    That's JB weld on the basket, not cracks or scratches or anything.


    Here's it sitting on a baffle

    From the side:


    And directly facing it




    And that's without any screws in the baffle so with a little torque it'll sit flush in there.


    105 + Shipping to you (that's basically giving the damaged one away)


    Let me know people! I need some $$$

  9. Sorry to hear about your accident man.

    What subs are those?

    They are TC prototypes. Very similar to a Triple stack TC9 motor with a 3" 8 layer aluminum voice coil...good for about 1500. They're the smoothest sub I've ever heard.