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  1. the misinformation in this thread is mind blowing....

    Just because the zcon shows a higher sensitivity rating, doesn't mean it will be louder, and I don't the OP has listed his goals.

    For that amount of power I could safely recommend SA12s. I ran mine on two 3ks for a short period of time before one popped(3ks). They are now being beat on daily by a single 3k.

    As long as you set your subsonic right, you'll be fine. So SA12s are my vote smile.png

    Then what in the F is the sensitivity rating for? In that case you can ignore all the specs and just guess lol

    Instead of running two woofers that would take the power fine and probably make him happy (depending on what he wants) you recommend that he run two woofers at the very tippy tip top of their power handling?

    The first thing you said was that there was misinformation in the thread...but then you go and post some more.

    EDIT: And how did you run two 3k's and then one 3k? Impedance doesn't work like that....

  2. Why are these two subs being compared? He's only going to run a 2500 on two subs. Buy xcon's, or icon's if you are going to buy ssa. Why bother with the zcon? Or maybe a pair of bl's or q's from fi.

    Because the Zcons are the most efficient subs that SSA has, which means they'll be louder than Icons or Xcons on 1250 each.

    Oh and the op said that's what he was choosing from?

  3. Yeah...did you hear that knocking noise? That was the woofer bottoming out. It wasn't "taking it" it was breaking lol. Just because the sub didn't catch on fire and blow right away doesn't mean that it was "taking it." If you tried to do that all day every day I promise you the woofer wouldn't last long.

    If you think it'll be fine then do it, no one here can stop you, but we're giving you 100% honest advice. The E series wasn't made to handle that power. If you try to feed it that power for more than maybe 1 or 2 minutes at a time it will break. If you play them lightly and know when to be easy on them (cuz they're about to break...) then go ahead.

    Not trying to be an ass, but it's a bad idea.

  4. thank you guys for posting, currently have not enough money for SA, want to try the E series to get a feel for Sundown. unfortunately i haven't personally heard Sundown (isnt that sad?) I was going to run 2 RF T1 until i found the Sundown from numerous forums.

    anyways regarding cea on Hifonics, im running RF T1 @4ohm on my old Kenwood kac 7204 which is bridged at 500w@4ohm and when i switch to the BRZ 1700.1D i did notice the kenwood is more powerful at 4ohm BRZ is supposed to be 600w@4ohm, so i know they are still not rated but close which is good for me.

    Think about it this way...if you get the E's and kinda like them but want to upgrade.....you still have to save and get the SA's because the E's are simply not designed to take that power. You should just save up and get what you REALLY want in the first place, that way you don't have to worry about blowing the E's or even selling them when you decide to get new ones.

    EDIT: I am also a proud owner of a pair of SA-12's, if that means anything.

  5. If you're talking about the Sundown E-Series, that amp will probably melt those unless you baby them. Step up to the SD or SA series and you shouldn't have any problems.

    EDIT: Got ninja'd.

  6. I have own both and my statement would be the same. If you even considering getting the BL or the Q, you want the BL. If your SQ oriented, you will not even consider the BL at all.

    BUT, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to purchase a Q and fall in love with it. Just because it wasn't exactly what you were looking for doesn't mean that you chose wrong.

    I mean...how often does one buy something that is exactly what they thought it was?

  7. Doesn't matter if you are comparing the two you want the BL.

    Lol this is truer than most are willing to admit.

    I don't think people get Q's because they play lower. People get Q's for accuracy.

    No, people get the Q's because they think that they want SQ but they don't understand what that means.

    Hey, when you have a sub that is as capable (as far as volume) as the Q is...once you get in your hands and mess with it a little you can't help but turn that knob to the right....Or maybe that's just me, but I know I'm not looking for what the Q offers.

    At the same time, how do you know if "SQ" is what you want without taking a blind shot into it at first? (that is, assuming you don't have an awesome SQ vehicle to listen to first). Personally, sound is one of the hardest things for me to imagine until I'm listening to it and can point out what I like and don't like. If I tried to imagine the "perfect" sub/front stage I'm not sure what exactly I would be imagining since sound is so relative/subjective. It would have to sound like something I've heard before because that's all I can imagine.

  8. Doesn't matter if you are comparing the two you want the BL.

    Lol this is truer than most are willing to admit.

    I don't think people get Q's because they play lower. People get Q's for accuracy.

  9. In all seriousness, if both of you feel that "larger" subs are not "tight enough," then you really need to do some reading. Tightness would be indicative of midbass response and "shaking windows and breaking molars" does not equate to sound quality. He just wants something that gets loud and is pleasing to his tastes. I'm sure this could be achieved with the 4 Boss 12s. In fact, I would be willing to bet, they could be applied to sound exactly the same as many other drivers on the market he would deem acceptable.

    I have done ALOT of reading. Like I said. EVERYTHING looks good on paper. And I also once thought that bigger woofers were better until 20 years ago when I took 2nd at The War At The Shore in Jersey with a set of Soundstream Reference 12's to an Eclipse with 8 A/D/S 6's. Back when competition was based on sound, not noise. BTW He had the same amp! A/D/S PQ20 And if you think that Boston Acoustics Pro 10's don't hit solid, than you ain't been around long enough. No offense. My mom used to bitch when he came over because the bass would turn all her pictures on the wall even though my driveway was on the other side of the house. Off of 400watts rms.

    You did two things wrong here. You can't compare the technology of 20 years ago to today. If you SERIOUSLY think that technology hasn't advanced far enough to do things AS good of not BETTER than 20 years ago (by that I mean the ability to have an 18 inch woofer that sounds crisp, sharp, and clean) then you probably won't listen to any of our suggestions.

    If you think today's bass is noise (not sure how bass has changed over the years)....then you probably won't listen to any of our suggestions.

    If you think the woofers and amp that you already have are the best around (I'm not necessarily saying that you ARE saying that, BUT, you're entitled to do so if you like them that much.) then you probably won't listen to any of our suggestions...

    Do you see where I'm going here? You can't expect something you buy today to meet the goals and expectations of a customer from 20 years in the past. If you want to switch to "new school" you have to make some compromises. The first of those compromises is to accept that something you buy tomorrow may not be AT ALL similar to what you have.

  10. Now guys...I know you don't like people asking about this...

    But If I use 2 AA batteries instead of 1, can I run the toothbrush at the "dangerous" setting? I know it voids the warranty but I saw a video of a guy running his daily on that setting and another guy running them at "super dangerous" as well...

    Oh and what is the proper toothPASTE to use with these? I heard toothingsupply is cheaper than regular brands but just as good but how is that possible?

    Can I it with half toothpaste cuz that's all I can afford and nobody tell me to save cuz thats all I can afford guys.

  11. i would not even think about it...

    but.. like i said.. i googled and i found plenty of people that "know tons of people" that have done it.... but i cant find any of the,... who are they!!!!

    You never know their could be a handful of people that do but dont get on the computer, not every competitor or hardcore enthusiasts get online or have build logs on forums.

    Like stated above Sundowns have a great protection network so even if most attempted Sundown amps probably protected before it happened. Why would someone want to run an amp at .25 daily anyway, just get a bigger amp thay does more power or multiple amps (just a general question)?