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    Sup... So I totaled my Explorer and broke my arm.


    BUT, I got a new job, got a new car, and got a (somewhat) new system.


    So I have two of these:



    Powered by this:


    Which is powered (in part) by this:



    Hooked up to the stock radio in this:



    And it all looks like this:



    The box is 4 cubes @ ~34 ish (I fuxxored the math up lol) which is a little higher than I wanted but it was as long as I could get it and still get the box in the trunk. Trunks suck ass btw.


    And that's my return to the land of bass. Yay.



  2. So tell me again why I'm buying a product from a company who can't accurately describe their product, nor accurately describe their options for them or even put them on the "Options Explained" sticky. I don't think you can be blaming misprints when this company is so bent on quality. I'm pretty sure their buyers want to know if its a triple or quad. Not have to fish for an answer

    Internal Lead isn't explained. I had to watch the video to figure out everything, why do I have to sit through a 5 minute video when I can read it in 30 seconds? On top of that, my headset broke for my computer so I had to watch it somewhere else. Even more tedious work for the already tediousness of building a system that I'm learning about as I do it.

    Again, I'm not trying to sound like a douchebag but maybe if someone would like to message me via PM so I can get all of my questions across, situated and confirmed I think this would go over better.

    Ohhhhh myyyy gawd.

    God forbid you should have to do some research before purchasing a product...if you want to be spoonfed then go to a brick and mortar shop and have them explain to you why their product is the best.

    I don't mean to sound like an asshat but it sounds like you want the people at Fi (or the people on the forums) to build your system for you step by step while all you do is blindly hit the "buy" button. Nobody can tell you what a system that hasn't been installed yet sounds like. If it bothers you that Fi doesn't explain every single detail about their subs (which would be hard, because they constantly change small things about their woofers) then buy something else. Have some initiative lol.

  3. Almost makes me wanna drop out for one just to see what it does...

    It makes sound, specifically bass. There, that should save you a few bucks.

    JL equipment is always high quality, well designed/constructed units that perform towards the top of their respective categories. They are expensive, but they are also one of the most innovative companies in car audio.....constantly improving their products with real, substantive innovations and not goofy things like gigantic oversized surrounds.

    Now that made me actually laugh.

    I wish I could find more info on it though.

  4. I'm not doing a run of the mill install. i'm building custom mdf baffles and running everything correct so i get the optimal sound.

    That is a run of the mill install...

    Unless you're modeling sealed pods vs. infinite baffle, driver location and orientation (on/off axis response) and cutting/fiberglassing to fit the drivers where they sound the best then...yeah.

    It takes more than mdf baffles and flush mounted tweeters to get "optimal sound." No offense intended at all, just to clairfy.

  5. Seriously? You asked this on the SSA forum....what did you think the answer would be? As a matter of fact, I've seen you recommend Dcon's over the E-Series before...so...I don't understand what you wanted to get out of this thread...

    Anyway, here's my unbiased opinion.

    I've heard the E-series. They're on par with some of the more expensive mainstream drivers. In my experience they sound better than Rockford P2's (in a direct swap) and take more power. The P2's got stinky whereas the E's didn't break a sweat. They're rated for the same power.

    In the installation I heard them in, they were a little bit more peaky than my SA-12's but that was 99% a fault of the box they were in. I never got to hear them on anything on rap music so I can't truly comment on the quality of their sound but 35hz was damn loud for what it was.

    The main reason to get the E's over the Dcon's is price (are you willing to pay more?) and build time (the E's will ship next day. Dcon's have to be built). I think they're both good drivers but they're aimed at different audiences.

  6. I ran a set of pg rsd active for a short time. The reason for was simply because i already had the set and i wanted to learn how to do active before jumping on some better speakers. So there are some reasons for it. But i would never suggest that you should buy a comp set while planning to run active.

    Well yeah that I understand...but like you said paying Focal $$$ and then not using the x/o is blasphemy to me lol. You could've just paid for superior drivers from the get go.

  7. Perfect answer, thank you! I've had more than a few people tell me that "Those Focals will sound SIKKKKKK if you run 'em active bro!" I'm thinking I probably won't even hear the difference. If I had the amp capability, and would benefit, then I'd consider it; but if not, which it sounds like not, then no sense in doing the extra work.

    Also...why pay for the passive x/over in the component set and not use it? I mean if you already have it then yeah but...

  8. *should* be here today. I jumped on the amp because I was told it was a good deal. Initially I was going to run my Focal 165 V30's in passive mode off a 2 channel amp. Is this a good amp to run active with? Or should I just keep it passive?

    The on-board x/overs are not capable of running active. You would need an external processor.

  9. Be careful with those monoprice RCA's. They clamp down REALLY HARD on your equipment, so when you go to remove them be gentle...

    Otherwise it'll rip the outside of the RCA jack off the amp. I know from experience.

    Oh and those PPi amps are the real deal. Somebody stole my 800.4 last week and I'd buy another one without even shopping around (and will when I get more $$$).