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  1. Thanks guys. A few more follow-up questions....if you don't mind...

    Does anyone know where I could get a box built for under say...90 bucks? Or someone on here that'll do it? Cause I'm straight :puzzled: when it comes to building boxes.

    To the two of you that own them (thanks for the pics btw, way to get me pumped lol), do they like low notes? I have a pair of 12"s now that just don't hit lows, (I suspect the crappy box their in) and I would really like something to show off "Hypnotized" with, if you catch my drift. :fing34:

  2. I am currently sub-shopping for my birthday (early July), and have my eyes set on a pair of 187's. I have a few questions.

    1. Is a port tuned to 45hz too high? I have zero experience with box building and found a fairly cheap prefab tuned to such (lol don't bash me too much)

    2. Can these take 500rms daily?

    3. I was gonna buy mine off of some site called Vertex.com, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with them?

    4. I had my heart set on two RF P3's (lol again, don't bash me too much). I noticed they have a larger voice coil than 187's. Should this be a concern?

    5. Last one, I promise. How toughly built are these subs? Cuz I live in Texas and it gets HOT, and I don't want any thing goin wrong b/c of it. What's the best way to protect a sub?

    Thanks in advance for any answers.