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  1. i'm running 2 15" sundowns and have rockford power components on a rockford p400.1

    I'm assuming that's a 400.4. If it's not bridged then then try bridging it (with the gain low at first, then raise it slowly and listen carefully for stress from the drivers). One thing you have to remember is that you'll have to raise the crossover to account for the added power.

  2. my goals are to have a daily system that will kill the lows. but I will also want to get past 55:) I don't exactly how much space I have but it will be going in a Tahoe. I will have about 3k rms per sub. how would the sp4 18" do sealed?

    IDK (about the SP4's) but I'd bet 4 15's ported in an optimal enclosure would perform equally if not better for less money.

  3. I Don't really have enough Room for that much port area. would it be better to have 4 15"s with the right amount of port area or 4 18"s with a port like steves?

    Then scrap the idea of 4 18's then. Me personally, I'll be damned if I pay for 4 18's and then not even use them to their full potential. That's a waste of money. If you want them just to say "I have 4 18's" then sure, we can't change your mind. If you want the most effective use of your equipment you will plan for something smaller.

  4. The box is 10.5 cubes there for the right size and I talked to sundown and they said go for it

    So two of the 15's will see ~750wrms and the other will see ~1000?

    The one with more power will move more and cause funny shit to happen.

  5. Hows it going. I'm looking to purchase the BC2000D to power my 2 12" GCONS @ 2 Ohms. What is the lead-time on this product?



    Ordered Wednesday, received Friday. From Florida to Texas.

  6. Great postings by all those involved. Question (my brain wonders a little too much for my own good): Why can't sound quality be "loud as fuck"? Let's say you can design the perfect vehicle with whatever front stage would be needed to keep up with whatever sub stage you could want. Wouldn't that be ideal and sound excellent.

    Newb question here: Is sound quality a level of volume or a well balanced and blended sound. Because if it is the latter of the two, why can't sound quality have (10) 18"s in the back?

    Well...first of all you would either need godlike drivers (to handle the power they would need to keep up with that substage) or you would need a LOT of drivers, which would probably fuck off the imaging.

    Oh and you wouldn't be able to hear all the "warmness" and "detail" at 155db+ (Your 10 18"s SHOULD be doing more than a 155) anyway. If the fronts were louder than a 155+ sub setup then you'd be going deaf real fast.

    People confuse SQ with "small setup that's not focused on subwoofers." The reason most SQ setups don't meter a 150 is because it would be so uncomfortable (painful) to listen to the music that loud...which defeats the purpose of SQ setups, which is to reproduce the music EXACTLY as it was recorded. I don't think any artist records at deafening volumes.

  7. seriously... get off their nuts. you act like they are just slapping an SSA decal on the Q and shipping it to people.

    Since this is becoming an issue, what are the differences?

    T/S can be slightly altered easily by different cone mass, and other minute soft part changes.

    Seriously, what is the difference?

    What's the difference between the VVX and the SA series? Or any other subwoofer that comes from that factory?

  8. Thanks harvester51 that's the sub I was leaning towards and have now made my decision I wish I had room for 15"s I've heard those in icons they were nice..

    To the other guy seems like a few guys were able to answer my question without a problem.

    No offense...but this is totally a loaded question. You don't go to the Ford forum and say "I'm thinking of getting a Mustang...but I might get a Camaro. Who has driven both and which did you pick?" Y'know...obviously everyone there is going to say Mustang...

    I mean....come on. These are the SSA forums...how many people on the SSA Forums are really going to say that the L7 is a better driver? If you were looking for reasons to buy the Icon instead of the L7 then you came to the right place but you wanted fair, unbiased info right?