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  1. where did you go lil bro????

  2. Dizzzle

    Sensitive Competitor Design Information

    Told you shiz it would be easy to decrypt. Rsa encryption..FTW?
  3. Dizzzle

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Why dont you just get 1 or 2 18's? You have the room for atleast 2 15's i know that.
  4. Dizzzle

    '06 Scion XB first built

    You have a account on Scionlife.com?
  5. Dizzzle

    '06 Scion XB first built

    Looking good. Ehighfive for having a scion also.
  6. Ahah i was like WTF!, All of them didnt come in?
  7. Dizzzle

    Sensitive Competitor Design Information

    Everything in that document was surprising easy to understand. But test proves it works
  8. Dizzzle

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Dude the weather here is horrible..for the last month or so its been extremely hot or raining. 2012 is realistic with these temperatures going on.
  9. Word. Glad to hear they made it here already...
  10. Dizzzle

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    nope, Very reasonable if you tune to your cars peak note and have an efficient box.
  11. Dizzzle

    18" sonotube subbox? Is it possible

    me and shizzzon, recently have done some testing with 12" x 4' concrete form tubes.. If you yell in them or talk in them is has a resonate sound. But Its with 1 15" dc and a 3k AQ, And 5 1/2 cuft net.. and the tube barely flexes.. They wont resonate..as you would think they would... And yes you could do the 18 in one but you would have to make a ring around it to mount it.. also you will have to cut the port a few time to test if it will be possible. Edit- What vehicle do you have?
  12. Dizzzle

    Official Team introduction for IAK members.

    ohhh yeah!!!! heres some vids of me playing Marvel vs capcom 2 you can also see some more in the related video box obviously lol, i am in the middle of editing some of my Street fighter 4 vids Glad to know we both game lol.. But I currently play "pc games" Combat arms and on 360 i play mw2, cod 5, and cod 4
  13. Dizzzle

    Another big box project - 2 12s in a suburban

    For some odd reason those 12's look small.
  14. Dizzzle

    175db on music

    LOL thread!
  15. Dizzzle

    Official Team introduction for IAK members.

    Okay Ive been talking to chop recently about joining Team IAK... So Id figured I'd do this. My name Is Dallas Burba aka Dizzzle. Im 16 years of age I have a 2006 scion tc. I compete in meca I live in Louisville, Ky Im going to school for computer programming and networking administrator. Do most of my time on the computer or my head in the car, or chilling with my friends. Ive learn most of my knowledge from Shizzzon. And I would like to say, The day we went to slamology I saw something I haven't seen much in teams. It was how you guys act like a family to each other and all help each other to get louder while still having fun. And I think that is the most important aspects of a Team in car audio.