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  1. iPad for head unit

    You should check out soundman car audio, they have a YouTube channel and they explain the way they put iPads into dashes without a headunit. Those videos might be theirs but I can't watch them in my class.
  2. bld9220's first real build

    I got the center console done and put back in the car.
  3. bld9220's first real build

    Thanks everybody, I just got the rest of the center console out and will start plasti-dipping it now.
  4. bld9220's first real build

    I've been busy lately with work and school, but I am trying to work on my car when I can. Right now I'm plasti-dipping my center console and trying to get something to cover my box with. This is the original color of the console. This is the new color, I think it will match the car better. I showed it to a friend and they asked me if I bought a new center console so I think the plasti-dip will look good.
  5. bld9220's first real build

    Thanks man, I'm glad to get some good feedback. Most people I know don't know anything about car audio.
  6. bld9220's first real build

    The build is back on, after I plasti-dip my center console.
  7. bld9220's first real build

    Forgot to update the build, but the build is now on hold. I think I might be getting a new car. I am looking at a 2003 Honda Accord and a 2006 Chrysler 300. This box might be completed and put in my Endeaver, if I keep my car, or modified and put in a 2006 Ford Explorer. Only time will tell.
  8. bld9220's first real build

    The port and front of the box have been painted (averagely), but it I think it looks ok. I got tired of sanding and I ran out of filler, so I went ahead and painted it. Here is the paint and primer I used.
  9. bld9220's first real build

    All the cuts on the box are free hand, except for the kurf cuts. For those I took an extra piece of wood and clamped down and used that as a straight edge.
  10. bld9220's first real build

  11. bld9220's first real build

    Nope I only have a circular saw. I wish I had the money/space for a table saw.
  12. bld9220's first real build

    Thanks, it's coming along slowly but atleast I'm getting it done.
  13. bld9220's first real build

    Yeah, I've notice there is only a few people from Alabama on this forum.
  14. bld9220's first real build

    That cut in the box is to store extra fabric when I wrap the box.
  15. bld9220's first real build

    Box wood. Kurf Cuts, I really wish I would have seen the Kurfing 101 video before I did this, but I didn't After a little construction and paint The original design had the woofers catty cornered but I made the holes a little off (seriously barely a cm off) and the woofers fit weird so I said fuck it and cut off the front of the box, made a new front and woodglued and fiberglassed the new front on and then put filler in the cut to make it smooth. And here is what it looks like now.