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  1. TheycallmeJT

    FINALLY! Last installment made!

    cant wait to see things get under way
  2. TheycallmeJT

    competitor review on the ethos 15s #video too#

    Jay-cee, the way it is right now being temporary is 2 HDC4 15's on a powerbass xta5000d. Front doors house Rockford pro mids and massive audio ct2 tweeters powered by a ct sounds 125.4. 2 ups batteries in the rear and a die hard platinum under the hood. Stock alt right now. 2 runs of power and ground to the back. Eclipse cd7200mkii radio. All the tracks played are edits I've done. The last one was z-ro - never been
  3. TheycallmeJT

    competitor review on the ethos 15s #video too#

    Thanks guys. And Steve throw up your opinion on them even tho you didn't get to listen to them too long
  4. TheycallmeJT

    competitor review on the ethos 15s #video too#

    I forgot I did have an acct here lol I'll get pics up of everything soon
  5. TheycallmeJT

    competitor review on the ethos 15s #video too#

    I was the one testing this. Video is uploading right now. I apologize for the poor camera exposure, I believe my camera is on its last limb
  6. TheycallmeJT

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Steve, Heres the video for you guys that I did
  7. TheycallmeJT

    The Ride

  8. TheycallmeJT


    ill be out there tomorrow around 10-11 and probably stay all day..drivin up from houston, not too bad of a drive for me
  9. TheycallmeJT

    Back To Basics (1974 Dodge Charger)

    pure sexyness wit the old school charger bro..take good care of her..id put a nice sound quality system in it nothin crazy..and just cruise
  10. TheycallmeJT

    93 Fleetwood Caddy build.

    man this looks amazing..perfect welds and great attention to details
  11. TheycallmeJT

    The Blunt Build Log

    yay a charger build ive got an 08' looks like a really good start bro. cant wait to see how everythin turns out
  12. TheycallmeJT

    250XP on our new Test Bench... Output Curve Anyone?!

    what about an alt curve for my charger that idles at like 700-800
  13. TheycallmeJT

    93 Fleetwood Caddy build.

    that paint looks amazing bro..amazing work as well