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  1. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    Time to start laying plans for the old work trucks interior, gettin some new buckets soon!!! then custom center console time !
  2. getbent

    Grasshopper's Hoe

    a little thank you to sefugi for doing back to back projects for me, I have been working alot this summer and time off has been scarce. Thanks for letting me tie up your garage for the past 9 months or so. You really are the best!!!! A big round of applause for sefugi, this guy rocks!!! Next project has got to be for you, enough other peoples dreams time to tackle a project for you~~~Im sure it will be a show stopper;)
  3. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    come to fl will work for door pods, lol
  4. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    Trying to get a plan on paper for the interior and sound system! come by and check out the progress, we could always use a hand!!!
  5. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    the leds are super bright and very compact love em!!!!
  6. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    hey anybody see trucks today {on spike tv} the lizard skin spray in sound deadner, looks pretty trick, gonna be something like that in this projects future,great coverage,and thin, covers all the nooks and crannies, anyone used this product?
  7. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    ecm we dont need no stinkin ecm!! By null at 2010-11-06 sure gonna miss that check engine light! not ! yeah I just wanted old school under the hood and were gonna do modern sound and interior, now that the old gauges are out ,the fabrication can begin on the cluster, not sure on backing material choice yet, metal or plastic to mount the gauges, but should be pretty clean when put back togethor,
  8. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    yeah the progress train seems to be on track!!! gonna bust open the dash soon to introduce the new gauges and , if that goes well ,maybe we will be kickin the tires and lighten the fires!!!! By grasshoper at 2010-11-02
  9. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    yeah the engine bay cleaned up real nicely, as for the bucket seats, should be a sweet set up, center console from front to back,
  10. getbent

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    jeez its getting a little sappy in here with all this pining over sefugi, just kiding as his 2nd project it really is remarkable his visions are over the top and his execution is super clean!! Hes got the talent to turn out show cars, and in my case truck, from tuner to tire friar, sefugi has got my vote , Great builder, great mentor, and super friend!!!! keep up the good work!,
  11. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    unfortunately, we havent made any progress this week, Grasshoppers got a little sniffle, actually a pretty good cold , but hopefully we will resume progress tommorow,
  12. getbent

    Pics of Systems Past

    my first system was back in 1989 and it consisted of a pioneer tape deck/am fm receiver and some house speakers[ technic]with seat belts around them, lol oh the good ole days!! wish I had a pic cause it was funny,
  13. getbent

    Rubberized undercoating

  14. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    master gi {sefugi} is right there is alot of this build that I have left out, in the way of pics and details, but theirs alot more pics and story to come. thank you master Gi !!!
  15. getbent

    sefugi schools grasshoper

    Thanks!! Progress has slowed a little do to Grasshopper's work schedule, but we are getting there... should get closer this week, time for wiring and some dash surgery! maybe hear the rat roar this week?!