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  1. BigGeorge

    Dcon 10" OMG

    Thanks for posting those pics. That DCON looks brand new. Glad it sounds good. I'm going to be running my DCON 12" ported. I'm ready...
  2. BigGeorge

    Dcon 10" OMG

    Scoob, I've got a 12" DCON that i cant wait to hear. Im just waiting on my box. I cant believe that 10 is doing all that. I can't wait to hear mine. I tried to view the pics and it says deleted/moved. Can you post a pic or two of your setup? Sealed box right?
  3. BigGeorge

    08 Honda Accord build for 12" XCON

    Resurrecting the dead thread. I've got a 2011 Honda Accord and was wondering if you ever installed anything in the trunk?
  4. BigGeorge

    Sonic Eletronix or Online Car Stereo

    Sonic it is!!!
  5. BigGeorge

    Sonic Eletronix or Online Car Stereo

    I guess I will pull the trigger and order from Sonic since the consensus is they are legit. I'm still a little curious as to how they are so much cheaper than Crutchfield. Is the market up really that much?
  6. Has anyone ordered from Sonic or Online Car Stereo? Are these companies legit? What I was specifically looking at was a newer Pioneer 5700 DVD. The prices are sweet and are about $130.00 less than Crutchfield. Just wanting to know if anyone has any experience with these companies???
  7. BigGeorge

    MDF rings

    I thank you so very much...
  8. BigGeorge

    MDF rings

    Does anybody know of any places that sell quality mdf rings? I want some rings made for some 6 3/4 mids. The only reason why I'm not trying to make them is because I don't have the tools. I would hate to buy all the tools needed just to make a ring or too. I know those tools would collect dust. So, I would rather just pay someone because its easier for me.... Yes, I know about the swelling of mdf when wet. I plan on treating them with rubberized undercoating and applying dampener to fully cover the ring.
  9. BigGeorge

    Perfect8 Audio

    My first impressions were that they do look expensive. However, half a million dollars expensive? No thank you...
  10. Thanks Impious, I understand a lot better now. Matter of fact it clearly makes sense. Thermally the Xcon can handle more power--understood. But here is what I don't understand. If that same Xcon is given the full rated rms power, how would that affect the sub? Would it be much louder, cleaner, deeper than it only getting 500 watts? I will try to rephrase and make my question a bit more simpler: Let's say you have two amps, 500 watts and 2000 watts. Which amp would you use for a Xcon and why?
  11. (Denim) Xcon on 240 watts whoa
  12. Wow, interesting stuff. I have thrown what I thought I knew about car audio out the window. I have my eyes, ears, and nose wide open guys!!! I was going to go with the Dcon's but seeing how eventually I would want to get "loud" might as well start at the top and do it right once. When I got my amp back in '02, power was expensive and a 1000 watts was like whoa. Now 2000-2500 is the new 1k watts. Is there a specific site or book that I could read about watts, rms, sensitivity, etc.
  13. Still confused on why have the rms rating ~2000 watts if I could run 500 watts and be fine??? Is there some learning for newbs. I thought I knew a little something but I realize I don't know Jack!!! So 1000 watts for 2 Xcon 12"s?
  14. So a more sensitive speaker takes less watts. I'm not sure how to ask the question correctly. But, how is the performance of a 2000 rms woofer being fed 400 watts vs the full 2k watts. What does more watts do on the same woofer? Less? Since I was looking at a pair of Dcons should I simply get the X or Z cons instead since with lower wattage they would still sound good; ~500 watts each?
  15. So I'm confused. Are you guys really saying 400 watts could push an X con and it sound good? If this is the case why build a sub like the D con that only handles 300 watts. Taking what I just read, I'd rather have two X cons or Z cons and give them 500 watts each or 1000 watts for the pair. Is there some where I could read up on rms power handling? Seems I need to have some schooling. In my mind I would think powering a ~2000 watt sub with 400 watts would not be a good move. But you guys say its o.k. and sounds good??? I need to figure out why a sub with a rms of 1750 can take 400 watts and sound good. What happens when the sub gets the full 1750 watts? How about doubling the rms rating to 3500 watts. I'm soaking all this up with a sponge. I want to learn some more theories on car audio. Sorry to thread jack. All of this is some good info.