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  1. adrian renteria

    Suggestions for help with painting welcome!

    You need to use a sealer instead of a primer. The sealer is much thicker than primer, it cost slightly more but cheaper than buying more paint. it will solve your problem.
  2. adrian renteria

    J.LFTN's Dual ZCON 18s on 4kW | New Box pg. 18

    Bass is ruined for me! Since I heard your beast in phoenix I can't get anything to sound right. This truck is killer gread job man.
  3. adrian renteria

    Silverado Rebuild. 4 DC Lvl 4XL 18's In A BlowThrough

    That's awesome I'm going to start a similar build in a couple weeks but in a nissan. Keep the pics coming
  4. I sold my suv and went back to my single cab. But can't decide what to put in it. I was thinking two icon 12 in a banpass with a port through, but have not seen anyone try icons in a banpass yet. Will I be the first?
  5. I hope to see someone from ssa their. Last show I went to wasn't loud enough