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  1. bcst86

    AQ2200 for sale

    my mistake. ill get the picture replaced ASAP
  2. bcst86

    AQ2200 for sale

    Looking to sell my AQ2200. It was never abused and well taken care of. It will come in the original box, with the QC certificate, and the AQ sticker that came with it. Im looking to get 300 plus shipping. I can get more pictures upon request. you can text me at (979) 492-3511 if interested and have questions.
  3. bcst86

    Image Dynamics CTX65CS Components

    how much are you asking? im interested
  4. bcst86

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    dude thats awesome!
  5. Icon is sounding good!

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Great to hear. ;)

  6. Finally found some at hobby lobby. Thanks everyone!
  7. College station. I looked everywhere
  8. Still no luck finding the goop so looks like ill have to use loctite
  9. i havnt had a chance to get anything yet, but hopefully today I can get some of that goop and try it. ill post later if i get some and get the dust cap back on
  10. ok cool, ill go check those places out.
  11. I couldn't find the amazing goop anywhere. Might just have to use the loctite. It won't hurt anything will it
  12. Ok, thanks for the tip about scuffing the dust cap. Ill try the goop out. Walmart, lowes, or Home Depot would have it right?
  13. So just go to Walmart and get loctite glue?
  14. I got a new dust cover to replace a cracked one and was wondering what I use to glue it on. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Alex
  15. bcst86

    New Fi BTL N3 never installed in vehicle

    interested in any trades?