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  1. chrisbarr90

    Tuning a box

    i asked a similar question in the sa8v2 presale thread. jacob replied with 0.5 cubes to 0.75 cubes each depending on your power -- tuned low... 30-35 HZ Area per woofer of 12 in^2 for port area
  2. chrisbarr90

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    0.5 to 0.75 each depending on your power -- tuned low... 30-35 thanks, im going to be running a crescendo 3500 for power. what port area would you recommend?
  3. chrisbarr90

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    What are the enclosure specs for these? I'm looking to run four ported, what would you recommend?
  4. chrisbarr90


    RX8 system
  5. chrisbarr90

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    money sent for one large, cant wait to get it!
  6. I have a sundown saz3500d im going to be using to power my subwoofer stage. i cant decide what subs i want to run however. im stuck between 2 Sundown NightShade V2 D1 15's or 2 FI BTL N2 D1 15's (i havent found any videos or opinions on these FI's really?). those are my main two choices but i have been considering saving the money and going with 2 of the sundown z v2 D1 15s. Is it beneficial to go with the top model nightshades compared to the z? in my video watching i have been very impressed by all the sundown 12's. i have also been giving the nightshade v2 d1 12s, z v2 d1 12s, and 4 d2 sa 12s some thought. id really like to see 150db on music, maybe wishing too big, but which would be my better options for that? Im looking for a daily groundpounder in that also, im not into the burping really. I understand everything is install dependant and im going to be going through this site for a box design. vehicle will either be and explorer or jeep grand cherokee.
  7. Personally I'd really like to see 2 sa-8s ran ported. Should be able to be made fit. But if there's too much uncertainty involved in if they will fit or not then I'd say go with the alpine type r shallow 12. Or the ten if you want a ten like the dcon. Although if you don't mind waiting until November some people on here may recommend four Sundown e8v.2 from pre-sale. But I'm really not sure how they will do sealed. Can anyone else help add to my thought process? Or some other perspectives??
  8. Looking for a little help on deciding which sub setup to run. First off the vehicle is a 2005 explorer. Already have a Sundown SAZ-3500d to power them. Electrical upgrades will be DC 270 amp alt., big three in 1/0, two runs to back of vehicle in 1/0 and 2 D3100 batteries. Purpose of the system is daily ground pounder. Want loud and clean. Listen to a little bit of everything except country. The original plan was 2 XCON 15's in a ported enclosure. I've been reading the forum a lot and watched some videos and have seen some really nice systems using 12" XCONS and ICONS. My uncle suggested I run four 12" ICONS sealed. He has always run sealed enclosures. My dads been thinking that maybe I should drop down from a pair of 15" xcons to a pair of 12" xcons. He specifically pointed out the results Mark had with his 12's and the bagged 300c on team ssa site. My last system had a pair of 15's(sealed) so that is what I have personal experience with. So are four 12" icons sealed the best choice all around? Will the pair of XCON 12's be close enough in performance to justify the smaller box and less weight over the 15" XCONS? Should I just stick to the original plan and do a pair of 15's ported? So with all that said what are your thoughts? All set ups will be in SSA recommended optimal enclosures. All would be wired to a 1 ohm final load. Actual port frequency would be up in the air but I see most have theirs around 32-33hz.
  9. chrisbarr90

    New from FT Huachuca AZ

    15E, i was a 15J before coming here. i had seen you were stationed here and i was hoping to meet up with you while im here but by the time i got here you were deployed
  10. chrisbarr90

    New from FT Huachuca AZ

    I'm in Phoenix, probably a bit to far. Welcome to the site! OP, if you can manage/willing to drive to phoenix, you can hear marks setup, possibly others such as ernies, etc. Mark has 3 12" xcons currently (if I'm not mistaken, hard to keep track on everyone Nope, only two at the moment i would definately like to hear the setup even if it is only two. phoenix is a bit far, however if you could let me know if there are any events going on up there i would make a weekend out of the trip up there
  11. chrisbarr90

    New from FT Huachuca AZ

    dont worry you will, i got my camera with me thanks for all the welcomes!!
  12. chrisbarr90

    New from FT Huachuca AZ

    i can get to tucson no problems on weekends usually
  13. chrisbarr90

    New from FT Huachuca AZ

    Finally signed up! Been lurking for awhile doing research for my next system. Currently stationed at Ft Huachuca for the army. Will be getting out early October and then returning home to PA. Still searching for the next vehicle but will have that squared away before getting home. This will be my second system. Last system was in a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Alpine 9885 head unit, Polk Momo components, a pair Rockford Fosgate p3 15's, RF T10001bd for subs, RF T5002 Fronts and a 220 amp alt. A lot of the next systems plans are still up in the air depending on which vehicle I get. Pretty much narrowed down to either an Explorer or an Expedition. I'm sure I will have more questions the closer I get to starting this project. I had noticed that there are lots of people on here from AZ, so if anyone close by to the FT Huachuca area would be willing to give me a demo, I would greatly appreciate it. I really want to hear SSA subs before i go back to PA and it would be really helpful me deciding if i want to go with 12's or 15's, or a ported or sealed enclosure.