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  1. 6 sp4 18s, 6th order, lots of glass and plexi

    Dam thats rediclous for a daily driver. I need da back seats for the rug rats Nice build.
  2. happy customer

    Probably start one once I get rest of equipment
  3. happy customer

    Yea 8 fi bls lol. And the warhorse is gonna be the power plant for the duration of the break in. Probably might stick with it if im happy with output. 10k on 8 18s more than enough this is there home well after paint is complete of corse
  4. happy customer

    Na went with bls fully loaded. Should be able to handle 2k rms
  5. happy customer

    Thanks fi can't wait to install.
  6. Order #3920

    Remeber it takes time to break those beats in but trust me totally worth the wait ive had fi for 6 years now and I have yet had to recone any of them and all my friends run them as well.
  7. FI ?

    Yes from what I was told his supplier messed up his order it happens.
  8. FI ?

    I got an email back from nick, shawn is no longer with the company. And they are awaiting a shipment for parts.
  9. Order 3671

    Be prepared to wait awhile they are so busy they are not even responding to emails. I ordered a set of bls toke 2 months last time. But they are awsome.
  10. bulk order

    Yea im not in any hurry. Probably just go ahead and order them maybe they send me aome free hoodie or shirt something probably gonna be 3 to 4 month wait time anyways
  11. bulk order

    Does anyone know if fi gives discounts on bulk order I need 6 more 18 bls to finish my build and im on a budget right like whos not. Subs are just 1/5 of my cost and tax time Here so I figure they are pretty busy since I havent recieve an email back from them.