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  1. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    The video we have all been waiting on is finally complete. The interior of the Nissan 240SX gets full sound deadening treatment and new carpet. Amazing detail Kyle.....your 240SX project is top notch and the amount of work you put into every part of it is easy to see. Thanks for the awesome shout out. Anyone of Kyle's subscribers or forum followers that are interested in trying out Second Skin products feel free to use the coupon code SAVE240SX to take 10% off all of our products until the end of the year 2017!!! We appreciate you choosing our American made products for this awesome restomod project. Keep enjoying what you do and reach out to us if you have any future projects that need sound and heat insulation. #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinForTheWin #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #SAABKyle04
  2. Sound Deadening a Nissan 240SX

    SAABKyle the famous You Tube reviewer is doing a full RestoMod of his Nissan 240SX and chose Second Skin products to get his Nissan dead quiet. Check out his amazing detailed work for this build. And if you like his video, check out his channel, he does some great vehicle reviews from many different makes/models/manufactures.
  3. FALL SALE 2017

    Today is the Final Day to save 20% on all Second Skin products!!!
  4. Another Huge Project With West Coast Customs

    West Coast Customs operation manager Chad just informed us the pallet arrived and the build has begun, can't wait to see how this awesome build turns out!!! Second Skin, not just for automotive sound/heat insulation. This ain't your grand daddies sound dampening.......think outside the car!!! American made sound proofing, dampening, and insulation.
  5. FALL SALE 2017

    2 Days left, don't miss out on the great deals.
  6. FALL SALE 2017

    Thanks for the orders.....still have some B Stock left for you dampers on a budget.
  7. FALL SALE 2017

    Day 1 Of The Fall Sale, get your hands on some of that sweet discounted B Stock before it is gone with the sale price of 20% off!!!
  8. FALL SALE 2017

    Code is now active, enjoy the discounts and savings
  9. FALL SALE 2017

    Friday October 13th-15th 2017 Fall into this season’s savings with a big discount from Second Skin. Make your vehicle Scary Quiet inside and enjoy those Spooktacular Drives in the night!!! 20% Off all products on orders over $90 3 Days Only Use Promo Code FALL20SSA
  10. Boom sonic

    Awesome, enjoy your build.
  11. It is always awesome to start a Monday off with emails and phone calls from the great people at West Coast Customs. We have 1,620 sqft of Mass Loaded Vinyl goodness on its way to California for a HUGE project the great guys at the world famous West Coast Customs are starting up. Glad to be a part of this amazing project and like all HUGE projects, we will disclose more when we can. Second Skin USA doing big things with West Coast Customs in 2017.
  12. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Kyle has finished up his video and it is in the editing phase, we will not see the complete install until it is released (hopefully next week). If this was our build we would have covered the strut area for sure or attacked the area from below because it does create a lot of noise in that area. He may have added the LLP to the back sides of the panels that mount above those areas, we will have to see when it comes out. Check back soon.
  13. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Saabkyle04, LLC just released a new video showing his install of the head unit and speakers he picked for the build. It's a teaser for the upcoming Interior 2 video where he is getting down and dirty with the Second Skin Insulation product install. Check it out for some sneak peeks of Second Skin products throughout this AWESOME build!!! Great work Kyle, keep it up, your resto-mod project is turning out very nice......So stoked to see the install video soon!!! #SoundDeadening #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #Nissan240SX #SAABKyle04 #SecondSkinUSA #SecondSkinForTheWin #TeamSecondSkin
  14. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Kyle is finishing up reinstalling the new interior carpet and buttoning up all the trim pieces......video coming soon!!!! "Been taking some extra time to finish the 240's interior. Tomorrow, I put the final touches on the audio system and part two of the interior restoration. This has been a lot more intense than I could have ever imagined, but it's going to be so worth it in the end "
  15. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Interior coming together nicely on the Nissan 240SX Resto-Mod Project from Kyle!!