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  1. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Kyle is finishing up reinstalling the new interior carpet and buttoning up all the trim pieces......video coming soon!!!! "Been taking some extra time to finish the 240's interior. Tomorrow, I put the final touches on the audio system and part two of the interior restoration. This has been a lot more intense than I could have ever imagined, but it's going to be so worth it in the end "
  2. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Interior coming together nicely on the Nissan 240SX Resto-Mod Project from Kyle!!
  3. These commercials are popping up left and right all over Football Sunday....SWEETNESS!!!
  4. And last but not least …. there is a 3rd Toyota commercial with the awesome power of BASS providing hair movement and natural reactions utilizing the AWESOME BASS of the world famous Steve Meade SMD Tahoe!!!! Team Second Skin For The Win!!!
  5. Oh shucks.....another Toyota commercial with the Team Second Skin vehicle providing the BIG BASS for these actors reactions. Check it out here, WILD
  6. THE FACE OF BIG BASS!!! Now appearing in multiple new Toyota Commercials. "The look on all the actors faces was not an act...they are really feeling bass like this for the first time ever. There is a green screen. behind them they are really in my Tahoe getting hit with Young Jeezy "Put on". The director wanted the genuine look of surprise as well as the hair movement. It was shot with a super high speed camera (slow mo) so the hair ain't as violent as it was during filming but i genuinely caught them all off guard with that mission accomplished. It was a fun experience to get to do this Toyota commercial" Steve Meade on his Tahoe doing work for a Toyota commercial.
  7. Hair Tricks For Toyota!!!
  8. Here is the complete TV released commercial
  9. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    New video coming soon
  10. Yeah I guess the producer had seen his videos before and wanted the hair to flow back and forth, side to side like only bass can do (fans only blow it one way). All the faces the actors make in the commercial are the initial reaction to the bass dropping too.
  11. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Installing The New Speakers and Amps
  12. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Luxury Liner Pro Laid Down Like A Pro
  13. Nissan 240SX Complete Restoration Build

    Damplifier Pro Floor Coverage
  15. Steve Meade doing things BIG as usual. Congrats on scoring that sweet Toyota commercial !!!! Check out the Tahoe doing some cameo HAIRTRICKS for the newest Toyota commercial....even aired during an NFL game yesterday!!!! #SMDFTW #SteveMeade #HairTrick #TeamSecondSkin #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #DamplifierPro #ThermalBlock #SecondSkinForTheWin