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About Me

Second skin was built with one goal in mind; provide the best sound deadening products in the world, without exception, without compromise and without fear of the competition.

Whether you are restoring a classic muscle car, building an audio system monster, or trying to give yourself a bit of silent luxury on your daily commute, we have a product or combination of products that will help you achieve your goals while saving money and save time. Look around our site, educate yourself and make the choice that is right for you.

We are confident that eventually, everyone comes back to us. Over built to over perform - because user error, bad batch, and faulty install are excuses that other companies use!

At Second Skin our mission is simple;
To provide the best sound deadening products in the automotive aftermarket, without exception, without compromise and without fear of the competition.

Provide high quality American made products that stand the test of time and abuse from big bass, big engines, or industrial wear and tear. 

The service we provide will not only adhere to the letter of our customer's demands, but will encompass the spirit in which they demand it.

We will continue to grow in the direction of our industry's forefront and will stay ahead of the design curve through unyielding research, development and education of our employees, vendors and customers.

We will progress our efficiency at a rate greater than our previous efforts in order to encourage industry change through the setting, reaching and exceeding of personal and company goals.

We will lead by example and will hold all of our competitors accountable to the standards demanded by our industry at a level of honesty our customers deserve.

We will protect our dealers and will offer unbiased tech support to all who request it. We will never fail.